Well.. We gave it a shot..

We are going back to Blogger. I tried to make this work but I guess it wasnt what I thought it was going to be.

So please continue to follow along in our journey 🙂


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Clinicals, care plans, and vital signs…

…oh my!

People… I survived my first 2 days of nursing school!!!

Sunday night, I had a hard time going to sleep. I was worried I would over-sleep, and that my shoes would be wrong, that my pants were too long, blah blah blah… I decided not to try to force myself to go to bed early and figured the adrenaline would keep me going all day. So I watched tv and talk to Jess (tried to talk about anything but nursing lol) and fell asleep around midnight. I got up at 5am, wide awake. I wasnt nervous. I got dressed, feeling super confident in my scrubs (yes, even with my pants and shoes. lol. 90% of what you worry about never happens). I drove my hour & half in the rain. sigh. But I didnt let it get me down. Plus, I felt completely at peace because my absolute favorite radio station, Q100, came in clearly all the way through the middle of nowhere. 🙂 I am never up early enough to hear my favorite morning, The Bert Show, but I got to enjoy it the whole way to school. Which never happens. And almost completely without static. I can only assume He was looking out for my nerves 😉

When I got to the school, I sloshed through the rain, inside where I saw all my classmates in white 🙂 Nice to see scared familiar faces. Since we had 2 meetings, I recognized some people. I found a seat and got books out. At exactly 8am, everyone stopped talking, face forward, and stared at the instructor. She laughed and said “I guess its 8am”. Its so nice to be in class with dedicated students that WANT to be in class.

We began by going over the rules, confidentiality, and conduct. Obviously, I can never go into detail about what I do or what I learn… Sorry. The best thing about this first day is that all of our class instructors & clinical instructors were there with us. We met them all at one time, so we are all on the same page. Its Cooperative Teaching they call it. I dont know if this is how all nursing programs are ran, but I like it. I also like that they have been in nursing for 30-40 years, working in every aspect of it. Even areas I didnt even know existed, like forensic nursing and being an expert witness in court cases (making roughly $150/hour to read documents). In preparing for the semester, they all sat down and went through the schedule. They made sure we wouldnt have more than one test/project in a day. Queue the angels singing now. 🙂

We played an ice breaker came, in which we had to throw a yarn ball to someone while holding on the a piece of the string. I immediately started panicking because I CANT THROW OR CATCH. Well… apparently no one else could either. 😀 Luckily, one lady standing only 3 feet from me threw it to me so she wouldnt feel embarrassed throwing it. After I introduced myself, I handed it to the boy next to me. Haha.

We continued the day by watching a video with a “what would you do scenario?” I couldnt believe how absorbed into this video I was. I even thought the acting/filming was good. You know how bad school videos can be. Monday, was technically our lab day, so we also spent time learning about taking vital signs. By the end of the day, (8am-445pm) I was beyond exhausted.

Jess also started her internship on Monday, which I think she is really going to enjoy. One of the benefits, I think she loves the most… is she can wear basketball shorts everyday! WHAT?!? Yes, only my love would secure an internship where she can wear basketball clothes. 😉

Day 2- We spent the day in regular lecture classes. Which were just as interesting. I already know a good deal about vital signs from my CNA training, but still interesting to learn it from a different perspective. And once again, our other lecture instructor and 1 clinical instructor were sitting in the back. I love that they all keep up with each other, there is a clear visible bond between the two lecture instructors, which I think makes the atmosphere a little friendlier. I know it wont always be this cool, calm, and collected, but its definitely a nice first impression.

I have 2 classes and 1 clinical this semester, so I only go twice a week. Lets refer to lecture instructor 1 (morning class) as L1 and lecture instructor 2 (afternoon class) as L2. And eventually my clinical instructor as C1 🙂

L2’s class is more fun and interesting. No stress. She says it not anything we will be tested on for NCLEX but its just interesting stuff we should know about the history of nursing. She said we should all think about continue our education past the associate degree… and several hands shot into the air. Question after question, about the future came up. That made me feel good that we all want more and intend to go as far as we can. She seemed very pleased with how much we want to know about where to go from here.

All in all, it has been a very good experience. Its a lot to take in but as L1 keeps saying… “We are going to eat this elephant one bite at a time.”

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The night before..

…life goes on.

So… I start classes tomorrow. And I am FREAKING OUT! I dont know what to do, or think, or say, or wear. Well.. ok.. I know what to wear. My WHITES 🙂 My scrubs. My student nursing uniform. Feels so weird to say that. But I am stressing that the pants are too long causing them to bulge on the end, even though they dont touch the floor which is a requirement. I think my top is too small, and that my shoes are too loud. Remember that lime green stripe??

All in all… Im pretty excited.

Jess starts her internship tomorrow & she is also FREAKING OUT!! Although, she has been more vocal about being nervous than I have… which is odd, because she is always so calm and collected. I tend to have a melt down right before bed. & then continue to worry myself to sleep… only to wake up in the morning without a care in the world. Sigh.

Oh yea.... this was made for me.

Mom came down this weekend to hang out & help me get organized. I want the apartment to be in damn near perfect condition. See… Jess doesnt like to clean. And things that need to be done around the house just dont seem to jump out at Jess. No matter how many baskets of clothes are piled up on the floor or how many dishes are running out of the sink.. she doesnt see it. So.. since the nursing school teachers keep saying our lives will change and our “significant others” will have to pick up all the slack… I want to make sure the apartment is ready for Jess to take over 🙂

So mom helped us organize our office/craft room/place to store everything and throw away most of the junk we have been moving from one apartment to the next. We organized all of our old tshirts into totes for our tshirt quilts 🙂 We hung up some decor that I needed her help with. We had fun making some art decor we saw on Pinterest. I cant even tell you how many times one of us says “Did you see this on Pinterest?” “I wanna make this, I saw it on Pinterest” So we did this…

Canvas + Masking Tape + Paint = ART 🙂

I also finished a non-Pinterest inspired project from like a year ago…

$0.49 tile+$3 rub on stamps+$2 thrift store plate hanger = cheap decor! 😀

After Mom left, I cleaned out & re-organized the kitchen cabinets. My nerves must be in my subconscious and I have just been super productive. Jess made us a yummy dinner inspired by a recipe on.. wait .. for .. it… Pinterest. 🙂

Cheesy Cheddar Chicken + Garlic Green Beans + Yellow Rice

One last thing, this weekend we watch a lot of Lizard Lick Towing. Omg its hilarious. Kinda dumb, but so funny. Definitely helped calm the nerves. Nothing like what I normally watch…

Can’t wait to see what life is like after tomorrow. Well.. maybe?



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NYE- 2011

Jess and I are pretty low key when it comes to celebrating. We enjoy quiet evenings at home and like to avoid the craziness of it all. I wasnt feeling very well new years eve and had someone cover my shift. I stayed in bed most of the day and then watched the ball drop with Jess when she got home.

2011 has been a pretty good year for us.

– Jess finished her last year of college basketball.

-She got her first job!

– I graduated from my 2 year school.

– I went full time at work, only to have to go back part time in January 2012..

– We moved into a 3 bedroom apartment (which was a lot of drama that I never found time to blog about! =/)

– I got into Nursing School! <<—- Best News Ever!

-We threw our first baby shower!

And some more incredibly exciting events, Im sure!

We are grateful for all that we have and look forward to a year for of changes for us!

Happy New Years Eve!

Goodbye 2011!

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Christmas 2011

 We had a wonderful Christmas. On Christmas eve, we closed so we didnt get off work until 8pm. Well, I got off at 8, Jess got off at 7. It was a Saturday night so I had extra stuff to do to close out for the night, as well as for the week. But I was done on time. 🙂

Jess rushed home to finish packing and walk the furbabies. She loaded the car and got everything ready so that when I got home, we could get on the road. I have the best wifey 🙂

We got to my mom’s around 10pm and of course we opened all of our gifts. Why you ask? Because I have always opened presents on Christmas eve.. not all of them, but most of them. Seriously, I always had Christmas as soon as I woke up whether it was 4am or 9am…. lets be honest, it was rarely 9am 😉 Santa must have woken me every year on his way out!! Ha Ha.

Well, Santa mom did not disappoint!!

drumroll please….

Oh yea… I got a Kindle Fire baby!

I also got these… ok let me explain…

1.  Anyone remember the Pizza Hut glasses with the Flintsones Kids on them from 1980s?? Well, me either. I think maybe my Aunt Kathy had some, but thats the extent of any kind of memory. One day, the family (me, mom, Aunt Kathy, and Jess) were hitting up the antique stores they love, oh so much, we I spotted a Freddy glass for $2. It was too cute to pass up… plus it was 50% off. SCORE. Fast foward a year, and I found the Barney glass at antique store but it was $18. Uh no thank you! I was crushed. I wanted it sooo bad. Well, Mom found a good deal on one… so I got it for Christmas. 🙂

2. OK…. I may have had a bit of an obsession with Blue’s Clues. Ya know, the toddler show on Nick… Well, maybe not the show so much… but the little dog is just so dang cute! One year, Mom found a plush Blue’s Clues blanket and pillow for $40. I still have it… and it traveled to New York with me on a high school chorus trip. No Shame! Anyways… I have had the plate/bowl set for years!!! And last time mom was down to see us we noticed it had a crack in it. So sad. I decided not to use it anymore… and actually threw it away about a week ago. Guess what else mom found for a good deal??? Yep. A brand new Blue’s Clues plate. 🙂 Awesome.

Along with all our antique store finds, Mom found a gumball machine a while back. Jess loves it! She eats so much gum every time we visit. So mom found her one too. She also got my niece and uncle one too! It was the Year of the Gumball! Ha Ha.

She also got Jess some new Paula Deen dishes, not the cook set she got that last year, but some baking dishes. And some new PD utencils. Mom gave us an awesome canvas picture that she actually made! Lots of other cool stuff.

The babies had Christmas when we got back to our apartment on Monday. They were excited… although Kiwi appears a bit stuck up in the pics but really she found a chewy bone on the floor!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!!

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Banks suck.

Ugh. Our bank charged us another $17 fee this month, just like last month. Yes, I should have called before but I just dont have the time. Well, this morning I made the time. Basically, they changed their account types & if we dont keep at least $3000/month in our account they charge a fee. Seriously?! They claim they sent out letters to explain the upcoming changes, but of course, I never got one.

So let me get this straight, other banks were very public about their $5 debit card fee, and you all proudly hung signs stating you wouldnt be charging a debit card fee, but then secretively change your account so that you can charge higher fees?!”

“uh uh uh.. Ms. (insert last name here) let me see what we can do to help you.”

Thats how the conversation went this morning. The first man kindly refunded my fee for December, but had to transfer me to another dept for November. And that man was extra rude, stating he didnt know why the first man even refunded it for me, since I was clearly notified.

And me being the hot head that I am said “Ya know what?!? Dont refund it. I will close both accounts on Monday.”

Thats exactly what I planned to do on Monday. Until I realized what a hassle that would be. Spend time closing one account, then opening another, then setting up our direct deposits for work (which we are required to have =/), waiting for debit cards to arrive, blah blah blah. In the end, it’s just not worth it.

So the bank wins. Of course now it looks like an empty threat, which I hate more than anything. >=/

Nothing I can do now, without causing me more headache and stress.


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Christmas Wishlist

This year, Jess and I are not exchanging gifts. I know I know its sad.. thats what we keep hearing. But, really.. we dont need or want anything. Well… I need a lot of stuff for nursing school.. so we are focusing on that. The orginal plan was to buy a new 46″ flat screen tv for our living room, but when I was accepted to school, our plans were thrown off track. The only other 2 things Jess wanted was


and this

But we got them both on Black Friday!

So back to my list…

I need these

Nursing Books

And these

And seriously think I need one of these

Or one of these

Ya know because every serious nursing student needs an iPad or Kindle.. strickly for educational purposes, of course 😉

Dear Santa,

Please read my blog and get me the things I need for school.

K thanks!


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A few of my favorite things! ~Christmas~

I can’t believe Christmas is just around the corner. And shortly after that I will be starting nursing school (WARNING: You may get sick of hearing about nursing school.. BUT I don’t care, I worked very, very, VERY hard to get it in 😉 )… wow… time flies.

After weeks of studying and working… we finally have a break. At least from school.

So these are a few of my favorite *Christmas* things!

We finally found time to put up our Christmas tree the other night. As we were dragging out all of our Christmas decorations, I started thinking about how long we have been together. I mean we had 4-5 boxes of Christmas stuff, plus our tree. I also realized how many traditions of our own we have. We always watch one (if not, all) of The Santa Clause Trilogy. I bought them for Jess last year.

 The best part about getting out all our decorations is 1. reminiscing about our childhood since we have most of our childhood ornaments. 🙂 2. Remembering what I bought last year at craft stores at 75% off!! Love after holiday sales! Plus I found the personalized ornaments I bought last year but didn’t get to put up!


Our family 2010

The ornament we bought our first Christmas 2008

A couple of years ago, we found the cutest chihuahua ornaments and they fit Kiwi & Mango perfectly!!
 Moving on down the list…

My Christmas playlist!

1. Christmas in Dixie -Alabama (it’s a family thing!)

2. All I want for Christmas is you -Mariah Carey (an obvious choice)

3. Christmas (Baby please come home) -Mariah Carey

4. All I want for Christmas is a real good tan -Kenny Chesney (because its fun!)

5. This Christmas -Chris Brown (because he though I hate Chris Brown and wish he would never release another album again…. I love that movie!!)

6. My only wish -Britney Spears (reminds me of being 15 🙂 )

7. Christmas in Dixie -Kenny Chesney & Alabama (love it so much it has to be mentioned twice! plus its with Kenny!!)

8. Hard Candy Christmas -Dolly Parton (I just like it!)

9. Hanson’s entire Christmas album (dont judge.. makes me 10 years old again!)

10. NSYNC’s entire Chrismas album (again dont judge… 1. its good. 2. makes me feel 12.)

I will spare you the others, but I assure you there are more. Yes, I listen to this playlist EVERY year!! Almost everyday 😉

Continuing with the list…

Hallmark Movies. I love the holidays when they air new movies almost every week, with almost the same story line… sad girl meets handsome man in some small town 🙂

Last thing.. I love going home for the holidays. Every year, (except when I wasnt working) I have closed on Christmas Eve. I usually offer too because I dont have kids. After work, I drive home to help mom cook… (usually I just taste test! 🙂 ) It doesnt matter what time I get home, she wakes up and we talk for hours! Even if she has to work early on Christmas day. We try not to wake her up but we use her bathroom (its bigger) so it just sort of happens. This year, when we got there for Thanksgiving we sat on her bed talking till almost 5am! AND she had to get up at 630 haha. Good times!



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Nursing Orientation Pt 1 & 2

Today, was my second orientation for the nursing program. I closed last night and got in bed around 2am?? … then I got up at 530am and drove an hour and half. :/ The meeting didn’t start to 9am but I was nervous about being late and knew I was have to stop for breakfast! 🙂 When I got there, I had an hour to kill so I watch Netflix on my iPhone (caught up on my new fav show Hot in Cleveland haha) in the car. Man, I love this phone!

So the first hour of this meeting was letting us know just how much our lives were about to change. AND more importantly how much our “significant other’s” lives were about to change as well. People have been telling me lately to kiss my life goodbye… because for the next two years, nursing school would own me. Well that seems to be the truth. They explained to us how to make sure our families and friends understand everything that is about to happen. They informed us that we made it to our goal of getting in the program and everything we all had worked for was here. And now everything else must come second. They showed us a full PowerPoint on how to help our families understand and adapt to these changes. They addressed a few “support” people in the room that came with students, husbands/parents. I wished Jess had been there to hear all this first hand, so she will understand why she has to pick up all the slack and clean the house more. (Our biggest issue is cleaning! 😉 ) I keep asking her if she is ready for this because this will affect her too… A LOT! She says yes and they we will be fine. I’m sure we will be, I just wanted to make sure to have the conversations that the instructors told us to have with our families.

The second hour we discussed nursing professionalism including we have to wear at clinical and standards to abide by. We discussed jewelry we can wear, and found out my earrings, my cartilage that I have had since I was 13 😦 and my tragus which I love. 😦   Im super sad about this but I guess I will deal. Small price to pay.

I planned to my Christmas break enjoying life and being very lazy. I wanted to watch all my new dvds from (Black Friday!) and play our new Wii and Wii games.. (More on that later!) BUT… we have 8 chapters of reading to do before classes start in January. That sucks! I wanted to enjoy doing nothing for a few weeks before I give my life to nursing school.

The instructors kept asking us “Are you sure you still wanna be a nurse?!”

Yep. I’m sure! 🙂

Excited to get my scrubs in!

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Thanksgiving & Black Friday

I love the holidays. And I love being home at my mom’s. We were off 3 days from work and spent it all at moms. Love that!

Thanksgiving 2011 (Idk why its so blurry!)

This year, Black Friday shopping started at 10pm. I was really excited about this because I hate getting up early. Although, I didnt realize it would interfere with my nap after Thanksgiving dinner. We got to Walmart around 530pm. We were on a mission to get the new blue Wii. We already have a Wii in our bedroom that we use mostly to stream Netflix. But we needed Netflix in the living room as well. So instead of buying a streamer for $60-$80m, we decided to just buy the new Wii. We also wanted some of the $20 600 threadcount sheets, which Jess got trampled over. But after elbowing her way back up.. she got our sheets! 😉 Some guy tried to take them out of her hands by reaching over her and she BIT HIM! haha kinda gross but hey dont put your hands in someones face just because you are bigger than she is! Asshole. Mom wanted the 19″ tv for $100 to go in the guest room (mostly for us 🙂 ) so she stood in line in the freezer section for 7 hours to get one! She was number 1! But turns out they had plently and the next morning they still had over 100. She was pissed. Ha Ha.

We got great deals on dvds, and Wii games. So thats always a plus for me. (seriously addicted to dvds.)

DVDS- Pretty Little Liars (dont hate!), The Vampire Diaries 1 & 2 (2 sets for gifts), Planet Earth, The Big Bang Theory Season 4. $10 each!

Black Friday Shoppers

While we were eating our dinner, I told my brother all about my nursing expenses and how much I had been spending on vaccines and physicals etc. When dinner was over, and he was leaving, he handed me $100 and told me to get my shoes ($60) and stethescope or whatever. I was super excited, hugged him and told him I loved him 🙂 Even though, he gave me the money for shoes, I also had $115 nursing kit to buy to I put the money up for that instead. He called mom later to tell her to make sure I didnt spend it on Black Friday shopping. She informed him I already put it aside for my nursing kit because it cost more. Well he said for me to buy both and he was send me more money in the next week. YAY! I never ask him for money. I try to do it on my own, because I know if I ever get into a bind he will be there for me. Im super excited he is helping me out.. one less thing I have to worry about. 🙂

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