>Ugh…. Spring. =/

>I hate Spring!!! Why? Because I’m allergic to everything blooming out there. I spend my days sneezing and coughing, basically trying to breathe. Ahhhh. Thankfully, right now im not working and school’s out till middle June, so im trying to stay inside as much as possible. And this is making me extremely B.O.R.E.D. – I’m sick of tv & computer games. I could read but Im not ready to be done with Breaking Dawn so Im putting that off. Ahh yes. I am one of those Twilight people. Fortunately, today is the last day of class for my love and she’ll be home with me everyday. Now I have someone to play with… YAY! lol… although this could easily result in a lot of bitching and bickering. Somedays its like two caged lions begging to be free. =)
We’re going home (parents) today till I start school in June. I should probably start folding all our clothes and start packing but I feel horrible and just want to sit here. Its all I can do to sit up… Imagine having the flu everyday….. thats how I feel in SPRING. =/

Only like 3 months till we can move into our apt!! Im so excited. When I start class in June, we will still be living in her apt with her roommate. So Im basically counting down the days till August. Plus by August our puppies will be with us. We saw them the other day, Bella is white with black spots and Edward is reddish with some black down his back. They are going to cost us a fortune getting shots and crates and of course the lovely pet fee we have to pay to apt!! But we figure they are worth it. =)

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