>When it rains it pours….

>So today we found out that Jess’s lease on her apt is up at the end of June. And our lease doesnt start until August! Great… now what are we gonna do?!? There are a few places we can stay for a month but that means we have to move all her stuff out at the end of June, move in somewhere for a month, and move back out the first of August… UGH. Thats tiring just thinking about it. So we’ve come up with two plans:

    1. We’re going to call our apt and see if we can push our move in date up to July 1st.
  • We’ll call her apt and see if theres anyway she can extend her lease a month.


If those plans dont work, then we’ll just have to find a place for a month. And end up moving her stuff 4 times. Fortunately all my stuff will still be at the Mom’s. Not to mention this is messing with our cash flow since we planned everything out for August and now we have to come up with rent a month early. Ahhhhhhh the stress. But on the bright side, its a college town so they’re always sub-leasing rooms here and there… Now we just have to sleep on it and figure it all out tomorrow.


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