>This GA Heat is killing me!!

>Did I mention that I’m extremely hot natured?? I hate the heat.. And now that school has officially started, we’re living in Jess’ apt till end of the week. Can I just tell you that her air does not keep this 2 story place cool!! So I’m miserable. And right now she’s at the gym and says its cooler in there than is in here.Of course it is. uugghhhh

Anyways. I’m super excited because theres only 5 days left till we move into our own place!! One of her teammates will be living with us, yay.. rent split 3 ways! The sooner we get settled in our place the sooner our fur-babies can come live with us! =) Her teammate is getting a puppy too, so it looks like we’ll have 3 babies there..haha.
School is great.. I’m trying to see if I can enroll in two school so that my past core at the tech school wont go to waste. I would like to at least be a Phlebotomy Tech since it wouldn’t take long at all to complete, and then I could work at a hospital or Dr’s office somewhere. Fingers Crossed!

All my girls!

This is Bella!

And this is Alice!

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