>This was the best/worst week ever.

We finally moved into our apartment which we love. We’ve been unpacking and organizing, in this process we have realized we have way tooooo much stuff. We had our cable and internet connected this morning. Thank God! We were getting bored of Grey’s Anatomy (on dvd) everynight. Although, Jess kinda likes it cuz she only seen a few episodes here and there. But its definately better having more than just that.

And the horrible part: We found out our puppies’ mother (Coacoa) has Parvo. For those of you who dont know… its a highly contagious disease for dogs. It usually only affects puppies and it was extremely rare that Coacoa got it. Basically, it breaks down their system, depriving them of nutrients and dehydrating them. So even if they are eating and drinking normally their bodies are not absorbing it. After finding this out, we immediately got the babies from Jess’ mom’s where they had been, in case there was any chance they hadnt already gotten it. However, after one day, it was clear they had Parvo too. We took them to the vet but they said even with treatment, they probably wouldnt make it and that it could always come back. And though it was the hardest decision we’ve ever made, we decided to have them put to sleep rather than the pain and suffering of attemping to treat them. Friday was the hardest day for us and we just cried all day. We tried to stay busy and just focus on unpacking. We know it was the best thing to do but we hate that they arent here in the new place with us. I thought about taking their pictures off this blog because its hurts to even think about them but I dont wanna erase them. We miss them terribly and hate that this happened. At least for their short little lives they were loved and spoiled right from the start.

RIP Bella and Alice.

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