>Crazy Week

>(Posted By Bake)

So this is my first post on our blog! Its usually my girlfriend who does all the writing on here. But i figured it was time for me to get in on the action too.

I’m the one she refers to mostly as Jess cause that’s what she calls me, but i usually go by Bake to everyone else. I play college basketball and am majoring in community health with an education concentration to hopefully one say be a coach and teacher.

So this past week I worked my schools Pee-Wee basketball camp, for kids ages 5-10. I had the 5-8 year olds, and what a week it was. I was responsible for 10 kids from 9 am til 4 pm. And i almost went insane! Now don’t get me wrong…I LOVE KIDS. I want to have 3-4 of them myself and foster and adopt too. But having 10 little kids to keep up with that aren’t yours and don’t listen to you because you aren’t their parents is very stressful!

Basically what we do all week is teach them the basics of the game of basketball….i.e. how to shoot, dribble, pass, etc… They love it! Its a whole week for them to run around and eat whatever they want for lunch in the “big college cafeteria”! But the most fun part of the days for us, the college player, was the games. At the end of every day each team would play 1 or 2 real basketball games (well at least real in the sense that we kept score and all). It was the cutest thing watching the little 6 year olds dribble down the court and try to shoot. And when they scored they were so excited!! it was our job as their coaches to make sure that each kid got the chance to score at least once during the week! And i am happy to say that all of mine did! Although our record was only 3-7 😦 . I know all this kids had fun!

On the last day of camp we had all the competitions for the kids to try to win awards. But no one on my team won anything….BUT…i made all of my little kids a goodie bag full of candy to take home and eat around their parents!!

And so the week ended and i am free of my 10 little wild things! And i finally got a chance to spend some time with my baby last night! All week we had only been seeing each other for a few hours a day and it was tough. So we have dedicated this weekend as SHELL and BAKE weekend!

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