>So I blogged about this potenial job in an earlier post, well the job called me and asked if I could change my class schedule to fit their needs.. I said I could. But they wanted me to make sure and call them back. So I did. No one answered. For like a week and half.. I didnt hear anything. Then the lady called back and informed me that she doesnt work at the branch that was hiring, she hires for all branches, but she believed that position had been filled!! WHAT?! You asked me to change my schedule and then never call back?? UGH! That was like 5 weeks ago.. this morning I got an email saying the position had been filled and thanking me for my interest in their company. Wow.. really??? A little late there B.B&t!!

Anywho- its been a rather boring 5 weeks. Although I go back next week!! YAY!! Tues (Sept-8) was Jess’ 21st Birthday!! We went out to dinner with some friends and her family. I think she was pleased. I surprised her with Disney.s Car.s Plate set, which she totally loves! So I think that made her extra happy!! We dont drink really, but we went and bought some Malib.u anyways lol. And the guy at the liquor store gave her a free bottle of Rum. 🙂

Today, were going to lunch with my friend from high school that I havent seen in forever!!


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2 Responses to >Update.

  1. Caroline says:

    >I would be so angry about the whole job thing. I can't believe they asked you to change your schedule and than they fill the position. But it seems like you have a good attitude about everything. I am new to your blog and looking forward to reading more.

  2. Shirrell says:

    >I just got your comment!! 🙂 Im so glad someone actually reads this!! Guess we should start writing more. haha Im not even sure how to comment you back but I hope this is the way!!

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