>Memories in the Making =)

>We’re still here! We apparently took a short break from blogging, but we’re back!! Im officially done with fall quarter, things didnt go exactly the way I wanted but all is well. I’ll just study harder next time. I got all B’s and that is unacceptable to me. Although, Jess keeps telling me B’s are good! I just stress about not getting A’s because Im terrified of not getting into nursing school. Im so glad its over for now and it couldnt be at a more perfect time with the holidays just around the corner. I dont go back till Jan 11th!! =)

Basketball Season has officially began and I so love seeing her play! My favorite days are the road trips my bff and I take for games. We go to the games within a 3 hrs radius of home. Although this past weekend, she was in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. And that trip was just too far for me to drive, plus it was my mom’s birthday. So I went home to moms and she went to Fl. While I always enjoy hanging out with my mom, spending almost 4 days apart was unbearable. =( We missed each other like crazy and trying to sleep without her was almost impossible. As if that wasnt bad enough, she texted me Saturday and tells me she’s stuck in the hotel elevator. Ok, in reality I know she’lll be fine, there’s no need to worry and the situation is probably actually funny. However, I’m extremely claustrophobic and just the thought of her stuck made me feel sick and my chest all tight.. ahhh… of course in 20-30 min the firemen got them out. No big deal. Haha but the best part was one of her teammates got it all on video and posted it on facebook. Needless to say it was pretty funny! The best part to me was watching the fireman rescuing Jess. Jess is the “tough boyish one” and she was like a “damsel in distress” that had no choice but to let the fireman get her out the elevator. 😀 It was priceless. I drove home yesterday at 7 am as soon as it was slightly daylight and my mom wouldnt fuss about me driving in the dark (shes a bit of a worrier). I couldnt wait to get home and snuggle with my baby!!

Last night was our New Moon Date Night. I love date night more than anything! But seeing New Moon just made it 100x better!! 😀 The movie was amazing!! And as much as we loved Twilight, New Moon was way better. Im glad they didnt change out “Jacob” because I dont think the movie would have been the same. And that 30 lbs of muscles he gained.. O.M.G.!! The whole movie I was just like DAMN!! hahaha Jess was starting to get a little worried I think, lol. Of course, she never has anything to worry about. But after you read a book, fall in love with characters and the actors actually meet your expectations on screen, you just fall harder for them. The funny thing is the whole time I was reading the books I HATED JACOB. I was Team Edward all the way. BUT! In the movies, Im all Team Jacob!! I dont like Robert Pattinson for Edward at all. Although, I think he was much better in New Moon than Twilight. I just think Taylor Lautner portrays Jacob perfectly. We saw Twilight twice in theathres, I cant wait to see it again!! I just hope we can afford to go again! Omgosh, It was Packed! And we knew this, so we got in line an hour and half early and so did about 100 other people. But we were first which Jess just loved 😀 When they let us in, it was almost completely full in 10 min. People would come in and seemed to be completely stunned that there wasnt anywhere left to sit. I mean, really? Did they really think there would be seats 10 min before the movie actually started?! We had already prepared ourselves for this and sat on the end, so when the manager came in and told people to make room and slide to the ends of the rows, we were already there. Good thing too, because I would not have moved anyways. I was there early and I shouldnt have to be inconvienced by there tardiness. Our end seats were actually in the middle because we were by the top set of stairs. So it was perfect.


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