>Christmas Survey!!

>The Tree
1. When Do You Put Up the Tree?
Thanksgiving night or by Dec 1st

2. Real or Fake?
Fake for now… Jess really wants a real one somaybe when our place is bigger we will get a real one.

3. Lights – What Color?
I prefer color!! But this year we have both since our tree was pre-lit and FREE!

4. Garland?
Not this year.

5. Theme or No Theme?
no theme… just whatever we like…

6. What Kind of Topper?

7. What’s Your Favorite Ornament?
Our penguin one we had made last year with our names on it =)

8. What does your tree skirt look like?
red and white like santa outfit.

9. Where Do You Put Your Tree?
In the corner of the living room by the window

10. Who Decorates the Tree?
me and jess

11. What’s Under the Tree?
the presents before we opened them early

12. Do You Put Candy Canes On Your Tree?
Yes! Jess loves them!

About the Food:
1. What’s Your Favorite Christmas Cookie?
I think Jess likes any Christmas sugar cookies

2. Do You Bake Cookies and Give Them Away?
not really

3. Any Special Foods You Have Only at Christmas?
ahhhh yes… my mom makes the same dinner on Christmas that she does on Thanksgiving.. Amazing…. but she only makes it on those 2 holidays.

4. What Do You Eat Christmas Eve?
just whatever.. nothing special.

5. What Do You Eat Christmas Day?
Ham. Chicken Cassserole. Mashed Potatoes(Jessica’s Contribution). Green Bean Casserole. Sweet Potato Stuff. Dressing W/ Gravy. Chicken Dumplings. haha clearly were not big on the veggies lol

6. Do You Like Eggnog?

7. Do You Like Candy Canes?

About The Decorations:
1. Where Do You Hang Your Stockings?
on our wall unit. we dont have a fireplace.. yet. =)

2. Do You Put Lights on Your House?
Not this year… but we will in the future.

3. Got Any Outside Lawn Decorations?

4. Do You Put Up a Nativity?
We will…. as soon as we find one!! ( Mom informed me that her and my aunt found the most perfect Precious Moments Nativity at a thrift store for $3.. that had never been open… I LOVE PM!!! But she I guess didnt think my love for PM was that intense so they didnt buy it… although my aunt told her to buy it cuz it would match the PM snowglobe that Jess had just bought me!! oh… well…)

5. Do You Hang Mistletoe Over Your Door?
No but we totally should. 😉

6. Got a Wreath on Your Front Door?
No.. I wanted this certain Bell Wreath but I havent been able to find one this year. booo

7. How Long Does it Take You to Decorate?
one day… were just starting out… we dont have that much yet.

About the Movies/Shows:

1. Favorite Christmas TV Show?
hmmm we like the Holiday Extravaganza on Food Network.. does that count? =)

2. A Wonderful Life / Miracle on 34th Street / A Christmas Carol
Jess says Miracle on 34th Street.
I say A Christmas Carol- the cheesy modern day ones are my favorite!!

3. Favorite Christmas Movie?
The Santa Claus Trilogy, Elf, and pretty much all the Hallmark Channel and Lifetime sappy Christmas Movies!!

4. Have you ever seen the Nutcracker Suite Ballet live?

5. Ever Been to the Radio City Music Hall Show?

6. Ever Gone to the Movies on Christmas Day?
Yes. we try to every year! We made it our tradition last year.. Ive always done it with my family.

Other Christmas Things:

1. Favorite Christmas Books?
Idk that we have one.

2. Do You Stuff Your Stockings With Any Types of Food?
mostly candy… but my mom always stuffed mine with apples and oranges.. although I cant eat the fruit… I love the smell that lingers from it in my stocking.

3. Do You Go to Church on Christmas or Christmas Eve?
no but we should!

4. Have You Ever Gone Caroling?
only when I was in chorus in middle school..

5. Favorite Christmas Carol?
Silent Night. We wish you a Merry Christmas. Jingle Bell Rock. Winter Wonderland.

6. Do You Believe in Santa?
Sure 😉

7. Do You Leave Santa Cookies?
Jess says we have too… so yes!

8. What About Rudolph?
nah.. I dont think so.

9. What Was Your Best Christmas Gift?
who knows… my mom always gave the best presents.. especially the homemade ones.. so theres no telling.

10. Worst Gift?
I dont put much thought in to what it is I got… I dont care much.. Im just thankful for the day with the family. (A very small family might I add)

11. Do You Go To a “Work” Christmas Party?
I did every year I worked. But now Im just a student =)

12. Do You Hate Going?

13. Do You Send Christmas Cards?

14. Do You Make a List?
for sure.

15. Do You Check it Twice and Thrice?

16. When do You Start Shopping?
When I see it and I have the money.

17. Do You Shop on Black Friday?
depends on how bad I want whats going on sale. This year we did not.

18. Are You Ready for Christmas?
yes… even though it feels like Christmas already came and went because we did Christmas at our apt before coming “home” to the parents house.

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