>17 Months Today!

>Yes, we are dorks. We like to keep up with the month-a-versies. 🙂
I think we’ll prob stop at 18 months… and just do it yearly. Tonight we were supposed to go out to dinner at Olive Garden, but I dont think I feel like driving all the way out there since we finally got back to our apt late yesterday. I think I just want to be lazy. Dinner Tomorrow!

We had an amazing holiday with our families. My mom made me and my brother each a beautiful baby book. In my book on the last page, was pictures of my dad(who died when I was 9)tossing me up in the air when I was 2 years old… with the caption “My Daddy, My Prince”. I totally cried. It was just so special.=)

The rest of the gifts were both for me and Jess- snuggies(mine-pink,jess-blue), snowglobe with our picture in it, New Moon Game, she had me a bag made that said “Shell & Bake” =) and she got Jess the “Cars” car that I couldnt find.. so yay! And then we got gift cards together. I love my family for being so open-minded and accepting. My mom is amazing.. shes the most non judging person Ive ever known, her only concern is that Im happy. She works with several young lesbians who mothers have all but totally disowned them.. She just takes them under her wing and tries to just be there and listen. People always say things to her like ” youve actually met your daughter’s “friend”?” or “How can you let her “date” another girl?” People can be so ignorant. And of course my mom being the incredibly strong and outspoken woman that she is… always has something clever to come back with… ” well no, I havent met her “friend” Ive met her girlfriend. She might as well be my daughter-in-law.” HAHA. I love her so much. And shes never embarrassed, she always introduces Jess as my girlfriend. She never sugar coats who Jess is for anyone.. not our family, her friends, or even her boss. My mom single-handedly changes minds of people who otherwise “fear what they dont know”. And if not change it completely, she at least makes it an open conversation. Anyways- Jessica’s family got us some baking dishes, set of knives and gift cards. And her mom got me “Julie & Julia” And a Candle!! Movies are my favorite thing and she was the only one to get me one!! =)

This is truly been the best Christmas ever. I hope each and every year is just as amazing. We know how truly blessed we are to live in such accepting families and be able to spend holidays together, not being pulled apart. These past few nights when I say my prayers, I just thank God for the people he blessed me with in my life.

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