>I dont know whats been going on lately. All we’ve been doing the first days of the new year is FIGHT! Weve been fighting about everything…. money, living space, cleaning and so on. We even argued at 6 am yesterday because one of us (Jess! lol), was hot and slinging covers around on the bed. And of course, me being the bitch I am was pissed when she woke me up for the second time.. ahhh so so petty. LOL. We’re just going to chalk it up to “HORMONES”. Our monthlys are like four days apart so our moods are out of control. We’re better now as all loving couples eventually end up being.. However, I believe I got some really bad advice. Someone, a friend, read my status on face.book, and texted me to see if everything was ok. Now my status was simply: ” .. is so over 2010.. seems like this will be a year of fighting”. HELLO! I was in a bad mood. So this person says to me– “Why dont yall just break up?! All yall do is fight!!” W.T.F. First of all, everyone argues. We live together and spend almost every waking moment together. Which on a normal day is fine cuz we also BFF. Id rather hang out with her than anyone else and vice versa. Of course, were gonna drive each other crazy. Right now, we dont even have school so were only apart when she goes to practice (2 hrs a day). I was just like “Are you f***ing kidding me?!” Anyways….

On Monday, we go back to school. BLAAAHHHH!! Which were both dreading. Jess never wants to start school so this is normal for her, but Im always ready to go back so I can get it over with. I dont know why this quarter is so different. Maybe its the time of year… its cold! And I love it being cold as long as Im snug in the bed with my love and my chi chi. =)

ahhh school = 4 days.

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