>"The one where they go back to school!"

>Tomorrow, class starts! We (me, Jess, and roomie) are D.R.E.A.D.I.N.G school tomorrow!! Jess and I have thoroughly enjoyed being together everyday with our chi-chi. I dont know how Kiwi is going to react to us leaving her alone! But on the bright side, the sooner we start… the sooner we’ll be done!!

Today, we had planned to stay in the house all day, soaking up time together before school..(because that seriously how bad we are dreading tomorrow!!) however, it seems we left more today than ever before. lol We decided to order chinese when we woke up around ..oh.. 1230pm.. 😀 but their delivery driver was out. so we ended up driving to get it. Then Jessica’s car wouldnt start, so we had to go borrow jumper cables, then drive it and get gas.. and then go get candy.. and so on. So much for lazy day in the house. 🙂 We did however manage some time to unlock several objects/courses on Mar.io Ka.rt Wi.i!!

Guess its time to get books and notebooks together and wash some clothes!!

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