>"The One With The Baby Names!"

>(Posted by Bake)

So I know I don’t write blogs on here that often, but this subject is very close to my heart! Since I can remember, I have wanted kids. The same is to be said for my wifey. From the first time we talked to each other online the night we meet, baby names has been a topic of discussion. So after being together almost 2 years, we have came to the agreement of our children’s names! So here they are. In the order of which they are born.

1) Preston Christopher (Christopher after her Brother)
2) Aiden Lucas ( Aiden from Sex in the City and Lucas from One Tree Hill)
3) Jordan Kane ( Jordan for her moms married name and Kane after my nephew)

1) Skyler Machelle ( Machelle after my sister and niece)
2) Peyton Elise ( Peyton from One Tree Hill and Elise after her niece)
3) Jesslyn Faith ( Jesslyn….after me)

Here’s the funny part about 2 of these names. The very first time we ever talked online and I told her my name, she acted a little shocked like she couldn’t believe that my name was in fact Jessica Lynn. When I asked why it was so strange that it was my name she told me that since she was little she always wanted her baby girl to be named Jessicka Lynn. (Yes I know her version has an extra letter in it but still…what irony). So that’s where Jesslyn comes from! The second named that has significance to it is Skyler. When she asked me what I wanted my first daughter’s name to be I told her Skyler. Again she thought I was joking. But no. I had loved this name ever since I can remember. And of course, so had she. And we even agreed on the spelling!

I know these 2 seemingly random facts about the two of us seem unimportant..But I believe that our conversation that night was the start of the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me. And to be honest, I think that night is when I started to fall in love with the woman of my dreams!


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