>Snow Day =)

>This has been crazy with midterms and studying non-stop!! Last night, my history exam had me so nervous and sick, I didnt think I would survive. I did manage to take the test and actually feel good about it. After the test, I got me some dinner and sat in our bed to relax before diving into hardcore biology study time. Jess was away at a game, that I unfortunately had to miss because of my study history test =/ (but they won!) So I started studying and then it happened. The severe winter storm newscast was shutting schools down left and right for most of GA! Woohoo! Unfortunately, nothing ever happens in our little college town so I assumed everywhere but here would be covered in snow and I would HAVE to take my biology exam. I studied till Jess got home, checked our emails hoping for a cancel notice.. but nope.. no such luck. So we went to sleep.. and prayed for snow!! =)
And… this morning, nothing. No Snow. Jess checked her email again, nothing. So she dressed, put Kiwi in bed with me, and left for class. (She always leaves before me) I layed there, mentally studying my flashcards I had memorized, when IT happened. A text message that said “No Classes Today =)” Woohoo!! I jumped out of bed and sure enough my classes were all cancelled!! YAYYYYY!! I only wished at this point that Jess’ school was cancelled too. Although, her school cancelled everything after 12… lame.. because she was done then!! And still nothing.. no snow.. anywhere. Just tv warnings scrolling saying it was coming. I so didnt care because I now have a 4 day weekend (monday is president’s day= no school!) Then, around 4pm the snow arrived and covered everything in sight in just a few minutes. Our little town is now a gorgeous snow postcard 😉

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