>Valentine’s Day at Hilton Head Island, SC


Jessica surprised me and took me away to Hilton Head. She planned everything and we left shortly after her basketball game on Saturday. We arrived at the gorgeous Crowne Plaza Resort on Hilton Head Island and omg.. it was perfect. She booked the Ocean Sunrise view room, the view was amazing. She also planned breakfast at the hotel 🙂 My favorite meal is always BREAKFAST. Although, on the ride down it was quite obvious that I was coming down with her cold/pneumonia from last week. (Hopefully I’ll just have the cold part!)Anyways, I had a massive headache and was barely hungry. =/ I still hate that I didnt eat much! lol …. But I was determined to have a good day and we did!! We ventured around the town, shopping and taking tons of pictures. We went to the Harbor Town Lighthouse. I think there was 144 steps and my legs HURT nooow. But it was worth it. We decided to skip having a fancy dinner and just shop, so we ate a our favorite burger place “Five Gu.ys” YUMMO!! Nothing made me feel more married to her than being on a romantic night away and us missing our furbaby more than anything. lol Oh! and the looks on the peoples faces at the hotel when they seen us coming/leaving was priceless!

HAHA… While we were shopping the guy employee was offering to help us all through the shoe store. Asking if we found everything ok and making small talk with Jess about where we were from, when I wandered away to look at more shoes 😉 To keep us from waiting in line, guy of course opens up his register for us. Poor guy started asking a million questions like what brought us to Hilton Head, where we stayed, what all we had seen in the town… and then.. as if he mustarded up all the courage he could, he said “Im not wrong to assume yall are a couple right?” Yes, Yes we are.
He especially loved when I gave a card to pay, as he asked for I.D, Jess had to show hers. Because Yes I have a card with her name on it… He said “well guess u can sign, I’m sure youre used to signing for her card =)” Yes Sparky I am. 😀

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