>The One With All The Cleaning …. (And 1 less roommate!!)

>Weve had drama drama drama over the past couple of months. Our situation with our roommate reached an all new level and well, she no longer lives here. After a few yelling matches, 1 extremely dirty bedroom full of trash and evidence un-potty trained pet, 1 filty bathroom with a stopped up tub, and a visit from the local police, we are without a roommate. And we are so Thankful!!!! We treat our fur-babies like real children… So we expect someone living in OUR apt to treat their dog the same. Well at least feed it and take it out on a regualar basis would be fine too. Some people shouldnt be allowed to have pets or kids, ever. But now, all is said and done and we have a new bedroom and bathroom to decorate (all completely stripped and cleaned now!!!)

Aside from all that drama, weve been studying and taking care of the “kids”. Kiwi and Mango are quite a hand-full. But we wouldnt trade them for anything in the world. Kiwi, our older chihuahua, enjoys a laid back day with lots of naps in our bed, on the couch, or her bed. Mango, our little one, loooooooooves to be wherever Kiwi is, especially if its in her bed. He loves to run around in her bed (her bed is really big for their size and alot bigger than him!), sleep in her bed, or bring all his toys in there and chew on everything. Kiwi tolerates this behavior from him as long as he stays somewhat still. The moment he starts running or “digging” in her bed, shes out. She comes looking for us as if to say, “Mom!!! That brat is in my bed again!!!” Hahahahaha oh the simple joys of our house.

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