>Some Bulleted Updates!!

>We havent blogged as much lately, but here’s what is going on!!

  • We moved into a house, 2 bedrooms/1 bathroom. It has a huge yard for the dogs to run in. house was built in 1935 and has been updated but still have old character. The a/c in our house is amazing… nothing like the apt we had. In our apt, we kept a/c on 63-65 because it was always sooooo hot!! I think the a/c unit needed to be serviced but they were too lazy to really do anything about it. Plus there werent any trees to help shade the apt from the sun. Well, there a plently of trees to shade our house and we now can keep it on 68-70!! 🙂 We are no longer sweating to death from this GA heat!
  • We attempted to get another chihuahua. He was 10 yrs old and just needed a loving home. He has the same temperment as Kiwi, so they got along great. However, he did not like Mango. He kept trying to attack our little baby. Luckily, our teacher (whom we got him from) said we could bring him back at anytime, as she was originally the rescuer 🙂
  • I changed my major. Im no longer going to be a nurse. I realized recently that I hate science. And I dred going to classes and I dont care at all about what is being taught. Which is probably a bad thing since I need to be retaining this info for all those damn nursing tests. Now, Im majoring in education. Most likely early childhood, but I want to master in school counseling. I just want to help children and their families. I wanted to be a social worker but I cant handle all that stress and heartache when I want to have my own family. Being a teacher/counselor, I think will give me the schedule to be home with our future kids and have the family life we want. Plus, with Jess being a teacher as well, as schedules will be similar and provide stable enviroments for our kids.
  • In a couple of weeks, will be our 2 year anniversary!!!
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