>Oh Happy day!

>Yesterday, I took my last final for summer quarter. I havent had a break since January, well not a real break. One or two weeks between quarters is not a break. Not to mention, Ive been taking extremely stressful classes. Jess & I, both, finished our anatomy I & II with B’s. I’m out of school till mid September. YAY!! =)

Somewhere in the middle of all the stressing, I freaked out about all these sciences and changed my major. I thought maybe nursing just wasnt for me… so I changed it to General. I was going to go for early childhood education, but now that I did well in my anatomy, I feel like I should continue to persue nursing. Ahhh.. decisions. decisions. Nursing is my first passion I think, butnow I’m drawn to teaching. Maybe I’ll just take classes for both, then I can apply to both programs. Then I can teach M-F and be a nurse on the weekends. hehehe.

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