>"The Kids Are All Right" Movie Review

>Ok, so the movie finally made to a theatre near us within an hour drive. We were super excited that it was close by and it was the 2nd to last night it would be showing, so needless to say we HAD to go that night! =)

Now, I didnt hold high hopes for the movie since the reviews were bad. But none the less, I felt that this movie about two lesbians made it to the big screeen, so we were obligated to support it. I felt like that story line was a good idea, because its real. I mean its bound to happen in real life. If you use a sperm donor, your kids will probably want to know about him when they get older. However, I HATED that one of the moms cheated. WTF. I have a hard time believing that a lesbian would really cheat with her sperm donor. Plus, it adds more negativity to same-sex marriages, or relationships. Its like thats all people think about us, that we will definately cheat & we will definately cheat with the opposite sex. Of course, when she cheated they showed it, A LOT!! From every angle, to every moan. Blah. And, the one and only time the women had what appeared to be sex, they were watching gay man porn. HELLO! Am I the only lesbian that doesnt watch gay man porn?!?!?!? Ummm.. I dont think so. Anyways, I thought the characters were good and the storyline (aside from the affair) was good as well. However, I think they could have went into more details about their lives and who they are, where they come from, how the kids were raised. Idk, just seems to me that the movie held such potenial and could have done so much for the lesbian community. The couple made it through the affair, which I really liked. Cheating to me, is simiply unforgiveable. BUT! Once youve been together 20 years, with 2 teenagers, its kinda hard to just walk away from everything. Plus, I loved when their son says “I dont think you two should break-up. You’re just too old” ahhh classic. 🙂

All in all, It was alright. Rent it. Laugh. And ignore the affiar. I did. 😉

I think I should add movie reviews to this blog.

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One Response to >"The Kids Are All Right" Movie Review

  1. Kira says:

    >I totally agree! I saw it as soon as it came to Chicago. I was sorely disappointed.

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