>I got the JOB!! :D

>Yes, its official. I’m going back to Publix. I’m excited. But I’m also already dreading the first basketball game I have to miss because of work. I loooove watching Jess play. And this is her last year to play, as shes a senior. Oh well, I suppose a job is more important in the long run.

Tuesdays suck. Jess starts her day running at 6am with the team. Class at 930. Home for a small break. Class 1230-315. Practice at 5. Class 630-915. That’s a loooong day. And I miss her so much when shes gone. Then when she finally gets home, shes exhausted. So Tuesdays suck without her. Not to complain too much, but that leaves me with the dogs to walk, alone… all day. Not that walking the dogs is a pain.. but Mango loves to walk and smell and pee and walk and smell and pee. Kiwi prefers to just lay in the grass. the. whole. time. not so cute when its 100 degrees outside and mosquitos are biting me a million a minute. Plus, Mango is extremely needy and tends to whine when were both not within a two feet radius. Its so sad watching him sit at the front door, waiting for her to walk through the door. 😦

The best thing about being home alone all day is napping with the chi-chis. Kiwi loves to snuggle. She would sleep all day and all night if we let her. 😀 Plus, I can watch whatever I want to watch. I dont have to hear HGTV, ESPN, History Channel, DIY, or whatever else Jess likes that I dont. :p

I just read a blog about Fall. And now Im anxiously waiting its arrival. I hate summer as it is… but to read a blog so detailed about the joys of Fall, is now making me insane.

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