>BEACH – Here We Come!!

>Today, we are going on our first vacation to the beach together. I havent been to the beach in 3 years, and Jess hasnt been in 4. Were super excited, and cant wait to do the clique things like walk on the beach at night, get airbrushed tshirts, and write our names in the sand. ❤ it! So so so so excited.

Unfortunately, our babies are at grandmas this weekend. I couldnt find a single hotel that would allow our tiny 5 lbs dogs. >=/ Not even with a deposit. So last night, we drove all the way home to my moms at almost 10pm. I miss them something crazy, but I know theyre in good hands. i hate the quiet of the house without little pitter-patter of 8 tiny feet on the floors.

Destination: Beach
ETA: 8 pm

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2 Responses to >BEACH – Here We Come!!

  1. Wegan says:

    >Awww have a great time!! 🙂 Love your blg background! Your dogs sound precious, pics anywhere?Megan

  2. Shell says:

    >Hi! There are pics of our babies further back in May. I keep trying to add them to the side of the blog but they are too big. Its driving me crazy. 🙂

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