>After the Beach. New Place. New Job.

>We loved the beach. Although it was cloudy most the weekend, we loved being on the beach for the first time together. We played in the ocean a little bit but mostly swam in the pool because the waves were too rough. We had airbrushed tshirts made that say Shell & Bake! And we had the dogs shirts made too!! The night we got back home, my car was broke into 😦 my portable dvd player & mp3 player was stolen. They didnt take my gps though… thank God for that. And our front door lock was broke. The landlord said he wouold try to get to it in the next week. Plus, the floor boards in the bedroom has been coming straight up in the bedroom… so needless to say.. we moved out. We were terrified to stay in that house and Jess hating leaving me there alone. We decided that sleeping with a baseball bat next to our bed was not worth $600/month. So we moved. And I LOVE THE NEW PLACE AND FEEL SAFE NOW!!!

I started working this week. Feels almost just like it did 2 years ago when I quit. I hate being the new girl though.. people just stare at me. Uh yes im new. thanks for staring. πŸ™‚ Best thing is Im starting back in the customer service position I left in…. pays good too!! πŸ™‚ I hate being away from Jess though. Our schedules are clashing and were missing each other. Guess thats real life… weve been spoiled for 2 years almost always being together.
Its Tuesday.. And our Tuesdays suck.
Missing my love.
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