>Where I was the day the world stopped turning 9-11-2001


On September 11th, 2001, I was in 10th grade in Spanish. I remember teachers coming to the door to tell our teacher what had happened. She checked emails and told us to read to ourselves for a while. We knew it must have been something terrible because everyone in the school was quiet. No one moved. No one spoke. We were finally allowed to change classes and I went to geometry. My geometry teacher was a Christian man, and he cried and prayed all during class. We didn’t understand exactly how serious this was at the time. He told if we never remember anything we learned in high school to remember that day and to pay attention as this was history in the making. Our principal made the announcement that “America was under Attack”. I was so scared that day, all I wanted was to go home and be with my mom. My mom was working that day and she kept telling everything would be ok and that she would be home soon. But with so many rumors flying around, no one knew exactly what would happened. I grew up relatively close to Atlanta, and out biggest concern was that the Center for Disease Control would be hit next. I watched the news all day. I was actually watching live when the second plane hit the Twin Towers and watched as the crumbled to the ground. We learned that the Pentagon had also been hit and a plane had crashed in a Pennsylvania field. I will Never Forget the horror of that day. I will always remember the courage of all those men and women had that risked their lives that day to save others.

Remember September 11th, 2001

The World Trade Centers, The Pentagon, And Flight 93

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