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We looove reality tv. We love the shows about big families.. good thing too, because these days almost every show is about multiples and cupcakes! 🙂 That being said, we have a new favorite.

We love this new show Sister Wives. Im very fascinated by polygamy. Not the controlling, marrying child brides kind, but the ones like this show features. I like the way they function as a whole family, treating everyone like their own. What I really like about this family is 2 of the wives wanted plural marriage even without him. It wasnt something they settled for just to be with him. They wanted sister wives as much as they wanted him. One of them even jokes that at times in her life she may have wanted the sister wives more. haha.
This show seemed to raise alot of concern for other viewers as they didnt see it as a moral or suitable show to be aired on TL.C. Oddly enough TL.C stands for the learning channel. So I would think we are supposed to learn from this show. It may not be the way most people want to raise their children or even marry into. But whether or not you like it, it is what it is. The fact is, some people do live like this and function day to day. People always judge what they dont understand. I dont judge this kind of thing, because its not my place to judge. They are living their lives and raising children to believe in themselves and think for themselves. The way they live isnt hurting anyone, and its not up to anyone to say whether its right or wrong. Anyways, I like the show alot. Christine is my favorite, I think. Shes the domestic one that takes care of the house and kids. I like that 🙂
We like the show, although we dont believe in it for ourselves. We are strictly monogamous.
More TV blogs to come!!

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