>Tomorrow 10.23.10


We are walking with my mom, my aunt, niece,

little cousin and all my mom’s
friends and co-workers, for BREAST CANCER!!!
My mom is a 2 year survivor!!
We are walking for her
“Winky Boob”
as we affectionately call her post-cancer boob.
Its a small way to make light of an extremely scary and painful time
in her life.
Well, all our lives.

My tattoo for Mom.

Her tattoo on her wrist.

that she said,
Hurt worse than having 2 babies and breast cancer and the two cancer surgeries”
shes a bit dramatic. 😀


On another note…

Tomorrow is also the day my daddy passed away from lung cancer, 15 years ago when I was 9.

I was so young that I dont remember much of him.
I remember little things like riding go-karts with him
every other weekend. (my parents divorced when I was 3).
He always made steak and baked potatoes for dinner
and a BIG breakfast on sunday mornings.
Anyone that knows me,
knows that the way to my heart is through breakfast.
I am NOT a morning person by any means.
If you offer breakfast
I’ll be your best friend 😉
It has been said by many family members
that if you told me while I was asleep that you were
going to McDonalds or somewhere,
I would immediately say something like
“I want a number 3 with a Dr. Pepper”
I dont know what these people are talking about.
Not much as changed in 15 years..
I still ALWAYS want breakfast!!
I have always had one song that I have dedicated to him
and even have a tattoo on my back for the song and him.
Offspring’s “Gone Away”
(I believe I have posted about this before)
But the past few days, I’ve been stuck on
Reba McEntire’s “The Greatest Man I Never Knew”
I think its just the title, really.
Not so much the lyrics.
Except the part that says
“The greatest man I thought could never die, has been dead almost a year”

Daddy’s little girl

“Gone Away” Tattoo.

Us at Disney World when I was 2.

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