>Pet Stroller? ;)


After the breast cancer walk this morning,
we decided that we need to purchase a pet stroller.
We always want to take our babies on these types of walks
or even just to Pride.
But theres no way their little legs can make 3 miles.
Plus, with 15,000 people theres no way
to protect them from being trampled.
We seen so many people with pet strollers for little dogs.
Those little dogs were so happy to be along
for the ride.
I just wonder how long it would take to get
Kiwi & Mango comfortable in the stroller to
sit down instead of trying to get out.
We dont put them in bags or purses.
So this may be really hard, but I think it would be so worth it.
We took Mango to a festival not to long ago,
he loved it!!
But he couldnt walk very long without getting tired.
So we just had to suck it up and carry him.
A stroller would have been awesome!
Something to think about?
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