>Hello 2011!

The past few months have been sooo busy. I had planned to blog on Christmas (since I last blogged on 11-25 and 10-25) but that didnt work out. We had a wonderful Christmas with lots of family time and yummy food and super great presents 😉 I got a ring!! Jess got me a beautiful ring with our names on it and our birthstones!! Gorgeous!! And she got the only thing shes been wanting for the past year or so…. PAULA.DEEN cookware. She was so excited when she opened and realized what it was. Presents are lovely… but theres nothing better than being with the one you love and your family.

Recap of 2010:

  • We went to Hilton Head, SC – A surprise Valentine’s Weekend Trip
  • We added a beautiful tiny addition to our family – our little Mango!
  • We went to Panama City Beach, FL – first beach vacation for us.
  • We moved 3 times.. lol
  • I turned 24 – Jess turned 22
  • I went back to work at my old job.
  • Jess got into her Community Health program
  • And we continued to work toward finishing school!!

I am so thankful to wake up everyday next to the love of my life and lay down beside her each night. There’s nothing better than finding true love and knowing that forever really means FOREVER!!


You are everything to me and each day I think God for blessing me with you.

I look forward to another year with you and to see what 2011 has in store for us.

Just think we’re another year closer to the start of the rest of our lives.

I love you today, tomorrow, and forever.

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