>2 & 1/2 Years!!


We have been together 2 1/2 years today.
Seems like just yesterday we were texting and pretending
we didn’t like each other at all.
Even though deep down we were so hoping that the other
felt the exact same 😉
Every now & then I miss the old days of
flirting and butterflies.
I miss the “missing her” days
before we moved in together.
But most of days, I’m so thankful of where we are today.
Like being together so long that people actually believe
its real.
I know we all do it.
When someone says they’re in a relationship
we all wait to see how long.
Because I guess the amount of time puts substance in that relationship.. lol.. idk.
So when they say “oh 3 months” you’re probably secretly thinking
“pffft… lol… ok”
But when someone says
“we’ve been together for 2 years”
You will probably validate that relationship much, much stronger.
I love that we know where we stand in the relationship
and that this is forever.
“Legal” marriage or not.
We have started planning now for the hoops
we might have to jump through later on.
We know that at some point Jess will “try” to change her last name to mine.
We also know that the courts will want to see “validated” proof
that our commitment is real.
So we have our past leases and all of our bills in both names.
We have a joint checking account
(to which we pay all bills from)
so that the judge can see that we have already
assumed equal responsibilities for each other and each other’s debts.
In any legal paperwork we fill out now,
we always list each other FIRST, as the emergency contact person,
& our parents are listed second.
We try to prepare ourselves for as many issues
that could be thrown at us later.
I realize that not everyone supports gay people or same-sex marriage
but we shouldn’t have to “prove” our love & commitment
just because we are both women.
But that’s another post for another day 🙂
Happy 2 1/2 years baby..
I love you always.
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One Response to >2 & 1/2 Years!!

  1. Kristin says:

    >Equality for all!!

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