>No Strings Attached for date night.


Last night we had date night and celebrated 2 1/2 years together.
Jess got me roses took me out to dinner and a movie.
We saw this-
And we loved it!
It was a tad too raunchy for me, but it was very funny.
Natalie Portman shined in this movie.
The messy hair-carefree attitude is a good look for her.
I love date night with my love.
Whether we get all dressed up or just go bummy in our sweats.
Yes. I am the kinda of girl that can rock the bummy look.
I swear Jess prefers it.
She finds comfy pants and messy hair so damn cute.
She is ALWAYS in her basketball sweats & hoodie.
It has to be a special occassion or a request of mine
for her to wear anything else.
Ha ha.
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1 Response to >No Strings Attached for date night.

  1. Kristin says:

    >I want to see that movie this weekend! I head its pretty funny!

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