>Sunday March 6, 2011

>In the 2 & 1/2 years that Jess and I have been together, I have rarely missed a basketball game. Last year, I was lucky enough to have someone to go to almost every single game with. This year, with work, I was only able to go to the home games and a few away games. It was hard for me to miss games, especially since it was her senior year… her last year to play… ever. That being said, I forgot about going to the conference tournament. I guess in my mind I was just thinking about the season being over.. Nevermind the fact they were going to the tournament. I didnt ask off for work, so I miss the first 2 rounds of the tournament. Well needless to say… they won!! Of course they did… why wouldnt they?!? 🙂

So I’m driving to work on Saturday (the 5th) and she calls to tell me all about the game. Fortunately, I was able to watch both games online.. Thank God! So I did see them.. And she said …

“I wish you could have been here for this”
And thats when it all clicked.. I wasnt there. I didnt see it in person. All the games I hadnt missed before came down to these last few games and I missed them. WHAT?!?! My mind started reeling uncontrolably. All I could think was I am going to South Carolina tomorrow. I wont miss THAT game. Unfortunately, I was scheduled to close the next day. Dammit. So now I’m carrying on a conversation with Jess about how great she did (only half listening to her haha… sorry baby.) and trying to figure out how I’m gonna pull this off and surprise her. I sent out a mass text message to all my friends, praying someone would go with me. And luckily, someone was available to go!! 🙂
Next problem.. was work. How the hell was I gonna get out of work?! Only certain people can do what I do.. so it wasnt like they could just call someone in to cover for me. eeeek! So I walked into work and the conversation went like this-
Me: Umm… so I cant work tomorrow… who’s working for me?!? 🙂
In the sweetest voice I could possibly manage.
Of course they knew right then it was about basketball.
And my totally awesome mgr says:
I’ll help anyway I can.
                                             Just get the shift covered and I’ll approve it.
Now I just had to find someone to work for me… hmmm. At this point I was ready to pay someone to cover my shift. Fortunately, one to many office staff were scheduled, so my amazing team leader worked for me. 🙂
They love me.
So Jess has no idea… how much begging and pleading and worrying I was doing to make sure I could go. She had no idea I was even trying to come. So Sunday morning I woke up early to get ready and get on the road. I wanted to talk to her but I needed her not to suspect anything because I do NOT get up early …ever. Our dogs even sleep till noon most days! 🙂 So I told her my allergies were killing me and I couldnt sleep. Worked like a charm. I also knew she would call me before she had to be on the floor to warm-up and I knew that she would be able to tell I was driving.. so I decided to tell her I was going to get me something to eat…and when she called… that little lie also worked like a charm!!
So we get to the game, find her mom, and sit 2 rows behind her. I knew eventually Jess would look up in the crowds for her mom.. so I figured she would see me. NOPE! Not once did she look up.. apparently she only does that when I’m there. She never saw me. Not even during half time.. when she shooting to warm up.. she always makes sure I’m watching her. I assumed she would look for her mom then. NOPE! So I watched the rest of the game.. clapping and yelling.. and sitting on pins and needles when the score got to close. It was super close for a while.. but in the last minute or so they scored like 13 pts. Yay!
So they won the conference championship!! A first in the years Jess had been there… so it was a VERY big deal. And definitely something I was glad I didn’t miss. The team gets their trophy & t shirts, and start taking a million pictures. And she still never looked for her mom which means she still didnt see me. lol. Her mom was making her way to the floor to take pics… I watched a few more minutes from my seat and enjoyed seeing her so happy. She was ECSTATIC!! As I was walking down to the floor… she finally saw me!! It was the best picture-perfect moment. She ran across the court to me and wrapped her arms around me and squeezed me so hard!! I was on cloud 9 that she was truly surprised and super happy I was there.
Jess:   Pookie, you came!! I’m so glad you’re here… it makes it so much better!!
Me:  Baby I wouldnt have missed this for anything!!
I feel truly blessed that I was able to be there & that my job is so amazing that they always gave me Saturdays off for the games and never gave me a hard time. I mean I’m only part time.. and my schedule gets very limited because of school. But they were always so great about it! Although, now I feel that I owe them my whole spring break. haha. So I will be working A LOT over the next few weeks.
And if you made it this far in the super long and detailed post… then u you deserve some pictures! 🙂
 Cutting down the net
 Jess and Her Mom
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