>3 days of crafting with Mom :)


Since we are on spring break the last few days were spent at my moms.
Jess packed the car, loaded up babies, and picked me up from work at 7 on Monday,
so we could be on the road to moms asap.
We had planned to work on ALL of our projects including
Jess’s bball collage, our Hers & Hers mirrors, a decorative photo wall mount,
and a new ribbon book I bought.
we only finished the collage.
We were lazy Tuesday and spent too much time shopping on Wednesday.
We also wanted to try making cake pops.
I saw these on a few blogs here and there,
and thought they were too cute not to attempt to bake them myself.
We ran out of time for that, so I packed up all the stuff needed (including several of
Mom’s things) to make them when we got home today.
Btw, since I have become so nesty and crafty lately,
I have all these ideas of things to make or bake.
Now I realize how expensive my ideas could be since I dont have anything
to attempt to create anything with.
The best thing having these is ideas is that my mom has been having these ideas for that last
15 years or so.
She has a craft room with enough supplies for scrapbooking, stamping, baking,
cake decorating, candy jar making, & any other craft.
It is my personal belief that SHE could supply every Hobb.y Lobby or Mich.ael’s
within a hundred mile radius. lol.
It doesnt matter what I say looks like fun to make or bake,
she has the supplies. It may even be something she hasn’t tried to make or bake
but “it was on sale and she had a coupon and well she only paid $0.50 for it in the end”.

(This idea occurred about a month ago!)
I have always wanted to stamp with markers but I have never really understood the process of it
and my mom doesn’t do it.
I tried endlessly to explain it to her but she didnt know exactly what I wanted to do.
So we called my aunt (who equally owns as much craft stuff as mom) and she
had some ideas as how to go about it.
We shopped at some craft stores to see if I liked anything because
I didnt just wanna jump into it and buy a bunch of stuff.
Mom says she “thinks” she has a few things at home that I might like and
I could play with it before I start really buying stuff.
We go home and search the craft room, (and by craft room I mean converted garage with tons of space!)
She pulls out 2 totes FULL of stamps, stamp blocks, ink (Mart.ha Stewa.rt ink at that),
all kinds of stuff.

Me: *Laughing* Where did you get all this?? You dont even stamp!!
Her: Well it was on sale.. I paid like a $0.50 for it. 🙂
This never ceases to amaze me.
But it always works out in my favor!

This is the collage we have been working on for Jess.
Each letter is cut out (using a c.ricut) and then glued by hand..
 more time consuming than I had antispated.
But so worth it.

*edited info*

This is a random online pic of the cake pops.

I can’t wait to go back to mom’s to finish the rest of my projects!

Being at Grandma’s makes little chihuahuas very tired.. they slept the whole way home and
have been napping since we got here!!

In the crate on the way home.
*Mango IS the big pink hump Kiwi is resting on*

Sleeping beside Momma J on the couch.


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One Response to >3 days of crafting with Mom :)

  1. mskat1008 says:

    >I would liked to have been mentioned by name not just "My Aunt"! Your mother and I never buy anything that is not on sale or doesn't have a coupon! I am proud of her, did she tell ever tell you I taught her to sew over the phone! Funny! Love YallAunt Kathy(aka-Aunt Kakey)

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