>Day 1 of 30 Day Challenge!!

>Introduce, recent picture, 15 interesting facts

This is more of an introduction to how we met.
 We met in the summer of 2008. We actually met on Myspace. HA! We don’t usually tell people that. I had just quit my job and was coming to terms that I was a lesbian. I had “dated” girls before but never actually been in a relationship with a girl. I was just curious to see what a real, fully committed lesbian couple looked like, so I browsed all the lesbians in my area. I was not looking for anyone to date at all. But I found Jessica.. whose screen name was Bake. Now I had no clue what that meant and was beyond curious.. plus she was boyish and pretty 🙂 In her pic was her and a girl hugging, so I assumed they were together, exactly what I wanted to find. So I read her page only to determine that her page sounded exactly like MINE.. well.. minus playing basktball. And she was single!! The pretty girl in her pic was her *roommate* YAY! Now I dont know why I was excited.. haha I was NOT about to meet/like/date/anything with this stranger from the internet. But I requested to be her friend anyways. 🙂
12 hours of myspace messages turned into teaching her to download yahoo messenger turned into days/nights of talking which turned into the discovery that her aunt lives 10 min from my mom and her mom was moving into a house about 20 min from my mom’s. We met in a Publix parking lot and the rest is history 🙂

Getting ready for work!

Jess going to a bball banquet.

15 Interesting Facts!

1. I am left handed & Jess is right handed.
2. I have to brush my teeth with hot water & Jess has to have cold water!
3. I really like the edges of fresh baked cookies because its crunchy while Jess likes the gooey center.
4. I have to sleep to something I really like or I will wake up constantly.. and now she has developed my habit.
5. Jess HATES feet!!!
6. We both love it cold in the house and we rarely turn on the heat… well except the little heater for the babies.
7. I got my first job when I was 15… and Jess is starting her *first* job next week at 22.
8. I have NEVER played any sports and Jess has played almost EVERY sport.
9. We are addicted to way too many tv shows and
10.We are “old”. We dont go out and we prefer to be home watching dvr & snuggling.

11. We treat our chihuahuas like children and believe they understand everything we say to them.
12. I have recently decided if I dont get into nursing school.. to go to Jess’ school for the same degree as her but use it completely different.
13. I have developed a crafty nature in the last couple of months and my mom couldnt be happier. 🙂
14. My all-time favorite baby name since I was 12 years old was Jessica Lynn …. which is her name.
15.Jess is always making random songs/dances that she does constantly until it actually stays stuck in my head. Example: She says I am her butterfly (we still dont know why that started). We call it each other Pookie. One day when I was mad about something, she tried everything to make me laugh. She started singing “Pookie Wookie Butterfly” phrase over and over and over and over. So now anytime I aggravated about something, she starts singing. I cant help but laugh because its just so silly. 🙂

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