>Day 2 of 30.

>Meaning behind your blog name

The story behind our blog name is quite simple. Its our trademark 🙂 We write Shell & Bake on EVERYTHING! My mom even had me a backpack purse made with Shell & Bake embroidered on it.
Shell- is a nickname for Shirrell. When my niece was a baby, she couldn’t say my name.. it always came out Shell. So it stuck. All through my teenage years most of my friends called me Shell, along with any other nickname they could make-up, including Shay-rizzle.. but thats another story. 🙂
Bake- is Jess nickname from basketball, short for Baker. We LOVE her nickname, especially since it’s part of how we met.
Sidenote: Now that the basketball season is done, she is playing intramural softball. This year the team had shirts made with their names & numbers on them. Of course her shirt says BAKE 23 on it, but she had me one made that says Bake’s Girl 23. Awww. 🙂

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