>Day 4 of 30.

>Your Parents

My parents began dating around 1974-ish, when my mom was 18 and my dad was 28! ShOcKiNg, I know πŸ™‚ They got married and had my brother, Chris, very, very soon after that. They were married for 2 short years, when they divorced.

My mom went on to marry another man, who turned out to be more of a nightmare than a life-long love. When my brother was 5, her husband hit her. Now my momma is an extremely strong woman and is by no means a “victim”. She, of course, hit him back!! She called my dad to come get my brother because she didnt want him there to witness any arguing or fighting of the sort. She had planned to have my dad take my brother for a few days, while she packed their stuff and found a place closer “back home”. However, when she called my dad, he knew something was up. And all he said was “That son-of-a-bitch hit u didnt he?!?” (excuse the cursing) My mom said “Yes! But I hit him back!!!” His reply was “Well hell, I knew that” That part of the story still makes me smile today everytime I hear it, or even just think about it. He begged her to let him come get her and Chris, and that he would help them get settled somewhere. Being the stubborn woman she is, she said no that she just needed him to get Chris. When my dad arrived to get Chris, he asked her one more time to come with him. She said she looked around and realized now was the time to go. She threw everything she could into garbage bags and loaded up his truck and headed back toward their hometown, this was quite a long drive. I always say he rescued her, even though she has never needed that. πŸ™‚ Sometime passed and they got back together and got married…. again. They tried continously to have another baby, but the doctors said that she would never have anymore children. *cue the tears*

However God had a different plan for them & 5 years later they were blessed with a beautiful baby girl πŸ™‚ When my mom realized she was *late*, she called my *AUNT KATHY* (who was mentioned in the crafty blog posts!) and all my aunt could say was “OMG YOU’RE PREGNANT!!” My mom did not think this was so because “she couldnt have anymore.” But sure enough she was.

My parents divorced when I was 3, but did their best to remain somewhat friends. My mom remarried her true prince charming a few years later. My stepdad was a wonderful man who loved us more than anything. He promised my mom he was always take care of us. 16 months after they were married, he passed away from past Air-Force injury & complications. But he kept his word and he has always provided for us, and even now with college. As if our world was not already turned upside down from his death, my dad passed away 16 months later from lung cancer. We knew he was sick and she knew it was pretty bad. One Sunday afternoon, my dad’s “wife” called my mom and said he was not doing good, and she should bring me down to his house. Of course my mom packed up, and we were on our way. I spent the whole day with him. She knew this would probably be the last time we saw him. She made sure to tell my brother that now was the time to say whatever he needed too, because he might not have the chance much longer. We left Sunday evening to head back home, my brother called my mom around 1am to tell her that he had passed.

I was going on a camping trip with my school, and my daddy’s last words to me was “I love you & have fun on your trip!!” My mom knew she couldnt tell me about my dad because he wanted me to have fun and not to miss out. When I woke up for school, she said I asked about him, which I didnt usually do. She had to look me in the face and lie. The courage it took for her to do that is simply amazing. For 4 days, she talked to me on the phone from camp and pretended eveything was ok. When I got home from camp, she told me the truth. There was very little time before we were on the road for the funeral.

My mom raised me by herself. She is incredibly strong, loving, open-minded, and accepting. She is truly my best friend. I have always talked freely with her about ALL aspects of my life. I dated guys for quite sometime before realizing I was a lesbian. The first girl I dated my mom just smiled and said “Well, at least you wont get pregnant ;)” We thought it was a phase. When we realized it wasnt, she embraced it and never judged. She welcomed Jess with open arms and treats her just like her own kid. My mom even came to several bball games πŸ™‚

I read so many blogs about families turn apart when someone coming out. I consider myself truly blessed to have such an accepting mom/family.

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