>Day 5 of 30.

>Your Siblings

I have one brother and he is 11 years older than me. We aren’t that close because we grew up almost separately, as he lived with my dad in one town and I lived with my mom 2 hrs away. But I don’t see this as a bad thing… I don’t have to talk to him everyday to know that he is my brother. Should I ever need anything, I know I can call him and he will be there to help anyway he can and vice versa. I really think age difference and distance is the only obstacle but not a big deal to me.

My mom is afraid that when she is no longer around, ya know 100 years from now, that we won’t keep in touch. One day she began her pleas for us to talk more, first with my brother.
His response: why? if anything happens with her, you’ll let me know. 🙂
They both laughed and she left it at that.
But she had to still try to persuade me to call him more.
My response: why? if anything happens with him, you’ll let me know. 🙂
We laughed about it and she told me those were his exact words and said she could definitely tell we were her kids. 🙂

I admit I was worried about his reaction to me being with Jessica, but he just took it in stride. This past year her name was actually on his Christmas list. Normally, some of our family members just address a gift card to us both. It meant so much to me that he got her her own gift (even if mom picked it out for him! Lol)

I have always been proud of my brother and this unique bond we share. Distance and time just doesn’t matter.

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