>Day 7 of 30.


We love movies. There’s something about going to see a movie with a bucket of popcorn, drink, and candy!! 🙂 More than going to see a movie we love BUYING movies! We have a ton of movies and several that havent even been opened yet! We both love romantic comedies, but differ on the rest. I usually like scary movies, although lately not so much. I am not into the whole zombie/evil spirits movies that have been taking of the horror section. I like the classics like Freddy, Jason, and Michael. I LOVE the SCREAM movies and cant wait for #4 to come out next Friday! Jess HATES scary movies but she goes with me anyways because she cant bare the thought of someone else being next to me in a theatre if I get scared. She likes what I call “guy” movies, like war types or something set in an old time period (300). And of course she loves sports related movies. I can handle sports movies but I HATE the others she likes.

Some favorites of Ours:

 (Yes we are those people!)

*Saw this first time we met*

Bake’s Faves:
 (We have a CAR.S Room!!)

Shell’s Faves:

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