>Day 9 of 30.


Picture of your Best Friend
  (other than Jess of course!)
*Pinky & The Brain*
I met Robin (aka Bina) when I was 19, when she got a job a Publix.
 We have been through hell & high water… boys, (& girls for me) break-ups, make-ups, parties, drunken nights with tons of drama ;),
work issues like being wrote up for $1000 short in the office cuz of 1 tiny mistake lol,
234786297831 different hair colors, some beach fun, and so so much more.
At work they always made fun of us saying
“when u see one, u see the other” & they called us Pinky & The Brain..lol..
cuz we were always in trouble.
Now we live almost 4 hours apart and havent seen each other in a couple of years.
But I still consider her my best friend, because its not how often you see a bff
but rather the shit you have been through together.
And because when we do talk, its always like nothing has changed.
Plus, since we have matching “Friend” tattoos, I figure she deserves the BFF title 🙂
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2 Responses to >Day 9 of 30.

  1. Robin says:

    >Damn u Brain for making me tear up, lol…I'm trying to uphold my rep as not a crier. 😉 meeting u changed my life in a great way, I'm just glad to see ur truly happy FINALLY! U definitely deserve that, & thois goes w/o saying but u I totally support & adore all your dreams & ambitions. U r an AMAZING person but duhhh u know that. I miss & love ya girl, u too Jess for making/keeping my BFF happy!

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