>Day 13 of 30.

>Your Goals

Where we are in our lives and in our relationship, is completely GOAL ORIENTED. We have goals on top of goals on top of goals. We have a lot of wants, and we have somewhat started planning for each of them.
So here goes:

  • Graduate college
    • This is probably our biggest goal right now. Jess graduates May 2012, and shes debating on getting her Masters. I am all for her getting it right after graduation if she wants it because its only another year. I “graduate” from my 2 year college in June (2 months away!! πŸ™‚ ) but I am transferring to a 4 year school for the fall, so to me its not really “graduating”. But to my mom and Jess this is a major event, in which she has already picked out the cake and sent out invites πŸ˜‰
    • I know it seems like I keep changing my mind about what I want to do, but really what I wanted to do never changed. I just didnt know exactly what I wanted to do was called or what degree would be needed. I thought nursing because I could “help” people. But really its shift work, and I’m not helping in the way I wanted. Then I thought teaching because I could help the children, again not the way I wanted. I had always wanted to be a Social Worker, but I was always told “too much work, not enough money”. My degree will be in Sociology.

Get Married

    • We are planning Summer/Fall 2012. We are not going to let the fact that it’s not “legal” stand in our way of a beautiful wedding. We are somewhat torn between a church/banquet hall with the tradional ceremony follwed by the reception. Or a nice beach wedding where everything is included for one price. Regardless, we are both wearing beautiful dresses!!

  • Get Jobs (in our field)
    • Jess has always known that she wanted to teach and coach basketball. Simple as that.
    • I want to be a Social Worker specializing in LGBTQ youth, adoptions (this may help us when we try to adopt/foster), troubled youth, Sexual Health Counseling (I hope that falls in there) and just wherever this may take me.

  • Buy a House
    • We know exactly what we want and hopefully in this economy, we will be able to afford it. We want 3-4 bedrooms with at least 2 1/2 bathrooms. Jessica’s main concern is the kitchen, she wants to design it or at least have it fit all her wants/needs. My main concern is that we have a spacious master bathroom with HUGE tub, seperate shower, and a double vanity. My second concern is that we have an in ground pool, because this is GA and IT IS H.O.T!!

  • Start a Family
    • Putting aside my fears of never getting pregnant because of financial strains, we both plan to carry. We want 2-4 kids, especially twins πŸ™‚ We also want to try to foster/adopt. Because I watch too many Crimin.al Minds and L&O:SVU, I worry about having kids in our home with violent issues. I worry about the safety of the other kids and our pets. Pets are usually the first to be abused, and I just wont risk that. So this will take alot of consideration before we do it. With babies and toddlers, I think we will prob just jump right in.

  • Our mini-goal
    • is a week vacation on the beach for our 3 year anniversary in July. We have been saving since January and our super excited!! πŸ™‚
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