>Day 18 of 30.

>Something You Regret

Hmmm… Something I regret??

I dont usually regret things I do or say, because I believe everything happens for a reason. I guess the main thing I regret is staying in relationships too long, when I knew I wasnt happy. I tried so hard to make it work, when I was making myself (and my friends) crazy with my insanity. I wanted so desperately to “be in love” that I was ignoring the BIG reason I wasnt happy. If I had know when I was 17-21 that real love was just around the corner, and all I had to do was wait…. man, I would have saved myself a lot of anxiety. Everything I have ever tried to feel for someone, or believed a relationship could be, was all wrapped up one perfect package. Jessica. Sure, we had many many ups and downs in the beginning, but nothing ever worth throwing in the towel. I KNOW we have never lied to each other or cheated on each other.. our relationship has always remained completely trustworthy. This quality was lacking in my previous relationships. So I guess my “regret” was not knowing when to just walk away and let go. The future will never come if youre still holding on to the past. Once I let go… I found my future. 🙂

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