>Day 27 of 30.


Of course our pets are actually our furry-children 🙂

Kiwi- Is our little princess. She is delicate and danity, perfers to cuddle in the bed with her mommas. She doesnt play as much as she used too because shes just too much of a princess for that. Although every morning when we wakes up, she gets a spirt of energy and runs all through the house with the little yellow giraff. This is by far the cutest thing. In the morning, she also lays on her tummy with her back legs stretched out and drags her body across the floor, super cute! She spends most of the day curled up in our covers, napping or giving herself a mani-pedi. 🙂 She likes the sweaters/dresses we put her in but she lets us know when she has had enough and we take it off for her. Otherwise, she will try to wiggle out of it getting her legs stuck in the neck part.. lol.. Kiwi is “my” baby. She is just like me: moody & bitchy. When I leave for work, Jess says she just waits by the door or gets in her bed till I come back. *sad*

Mango- is all boy. He is rough and lacks grace. He hides all his toys and bones under our bed or under the couch. Mango isnt much of a cuddler.. sometimes he lays down with us.. but only for a second before hes up and running through the house terrorizing some stuffed animal!! When he eats, he carries the food under our bed to eat, as if its his own personal club house. Mango is Jessica’s “baby”.. he is just like her. Silly and sweet, and ALWAYS wanting to play. He always has to be first just like her. He does have a not so sweet side when he has a new bone or arbys wrapper.. lol.. he will hide with his new found treat and growls and snarls if he even look like you want his treat. We call this Evil Mango.

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