(This is our 100th post!!)

My name is Shirrell… And I am addicted to my iPhone!

Seriously, I never put my phone down.  I can’t even watch TV anymore without being on my phone. I don’t enjoy the show because I don’t keep up with what is going on. Jess really hates this, too. Although I don’t believe she has room to talk, Seems to me she is always on her blackberry or the iPod touch. Plus, we are both addicted to Words with Friends. Enough said. I feel like I am always checking my email, my grades, Facebook, etc. I told her last night that I wanted to be unplugged, while we ate and watched our shows. I didn’t make it 30 min! I feel like I get bored with the show and I need to “just check something really quick!”

But I love my iPhone. 🙂



My other addiction is nbc’s The Voice 🙂 Vicci Martinez is by far my favorite. Her voice is so beautiful and raspy. Plus, she’s one of us 😉 The premier night, I was on the phone with my mom and she asked if I was watching it. She always watches stuff like this but I hardly ever do. I turned it on just when she asked me and of course Vicci was on… I was like “omg shes gay :)” I realize that its stupid to always point out if someone’s is gay, But I figure if the whole world is doing in a negative way, might as well be some of us that point and smile. 🙂

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