BFF Date!

Yesterday we went to see my bestie…. I wrote this BLOG about her. We drove 2 hours north of where we live and she drove 2 hours south of where she lives, so we could meet in the middle. I haven’t seen her in probably 2 1/2 years. Last time I saw her I was buying a washer/dryer set from her new in-laws. They were all getting ready to move north and I was getting ready to move south to be with Jess.  Anyways…. Jess and I both managed to get the day off 🙂 We had the best time just talking and catching up. We ate lunch with her, her hubby, and her little girl! Her daughter is simply preesh! She is almost 3 and teeny-tiny in size but has BIG personality! She was a tad shy as first and kept giving Jess these evil side glances lol… funniest thing ever! She such an awesome mom and her husband is equally an awesome dad. I haven’t been around too many guys that actually help with the child and not just have the mom do everything. He is very-much a hands on DAD! 🙂

 True friendships survive the test of time and distance.

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