Random Updates!

Not much has happened recently.. but here are some facts.

  • I am graduating with my associates degree in pre-nursing this Friday night! 🙂
  • I was accepted into both the HIM and HSA programs, which I am super excited about. Ultimately I am choosing the HSA program. I cant wait for FALL.
  • I got all A’s this past quarter, which makes my gpa a little higher which is always better for nursing school.
  • Jess and I are both off work for the next 5 days for a little graduation celebration weekend. Plus my mom is coming down for a few days.
  • We had a lovely day yesterday at a water park. We spent the whole day just me & her with NO PHONES! It was awesome 🙂
  • The next few days, I plan on cleaning, graduating, and finding a pool to relax by. Being at the water park spoiled me yesterday and now I NEED to lay out by some water.

Happy Tuesday!!

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2 Responses to Random Updates!

  1. Yin! says:

    Congrats on the accomplishments!

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