A Home of Our Own :)

Lately, we have had house fever. We were looking at houses online that we thought we might could afford. Houses with mortgages less than our current rent!! That just made me crazy knowing that we could be paying for a house instead of throwing money out the window renting. My brother has always suggested we look into buying a house. With the market the way it is, this works in our favor. We make decent money with our part-time (possibly full-time soon 🙂 ) jobs and could afford to pay a mortgage a little higher than our current rent, but our most of our money comes from us being students which a lender cannot calculate into “income” because its only temporary. We have been heavily weighing even applying because we didn’t know if it was worth it. But tonight I just couldn’t stand it anymore, so we finished our app 🙂 Now we wait. We know we may not get approved and that’s ok because we are still in school, but its worth finding out what we need to fix if we aren’t approved. We have found a TON of houses we love and could live in for the next 5-7 years! We even found some lake property we can afford.. which we are super excited about.

Some of “Our House” wish list!

-4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms. (ya know for future kids 😉 )

– Master bath must have Garden Tub!

– large kitchen

-Garage (double would be lovely)

-Inground pool 🙂

Those are just some of our wants but not needs of course.

“Our House” Must haves

-3 bedrooms with lots of storage

-2 bathrooms

-fenced in yard!! (or at least potential to build a fence)

This is such a big decision in our lives/relationship. We know that we will always be together but buying a house before we are “married” seems backwards. I told Jess maybe we should have a wedding first, but she is thinking that maybe buying a house first will work in our favor later, when she gets ready to change her last name to mine. So we have decided to buy a house first, have wedding, change her name, then go to New York to be legally married. Btw, Yay NY for bringing the country one step closer to Equality for All! Even though getting married in New York wont mean its legal in GA, but it will symbolize committment to a court for legal means. We have read many stories about Gay and Lesbians couples that have had to show evidence of being truly committed so we try to save ourselves some trouble along the way.

Cant wait to see what happens next!!

Happy 4th Of July Weekend!

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