Bummed out =/

So we have been house hunting. We found 2 great houses. We were very excited about them both. We finally got in touch with a realtor and went to see them. The houses were both old, but still cute with tons of space! One of them even had a pool!! 🙂

The first house was a short sale, if you dont know.. it absolutely does not mean SHORT SALE.. as in we could move in a short amount of time. It means more like we could put in an offer and wait and wait and wait for the bank to respond. Since its bank-owned property, they are most likely not going to fix ANYTHING that may be wrong. But for a 4 bed, 3 bath house with a basement, screened in porch, and pool with wrap around deck, fenced in yard for the babies of course, we thought this might just be worth the wait. But the location was a little out of the way so we let go of that idea.

Next, we saw the most perfect house. 3 bed, 2 bath with a bonus room not even mentioned in the listing 🙂 Fenced in yard with a neat little insulated shed out back. PERFECT LOCATION. Under the our budget price…. so we put in an offer. This house has been on the market for 100+ days, we were sure we would get the house. BUT… someone put in another offer. UUGGHH! However, our bid was higher. YAY! Then we find out that this house cannot qualify for our FHA loan because its “unlivable”. WHAT?!?! How can this be? I love this house. I already remodeled it in my mind, and I decorated. I told the babies they would have a big back yard for them to play in. I adjusted my dislike of the baby blue tile in the guest bath (hey it was built in 1960.. we are judging the tiles ha!) to loving the baby blue tiles because it was unique. I accepted that there was not a big tub in the master like I had hoped for, hell theres not even a tub, just a shower big enough for 4 people to shower in comfortablely (which I thought putting in a garden tub would be easy since the shower is HUGE). I saw my master with a new king size bed, a Cars room (Jess was especially thrilled about that), a scrapbook room/office, some new appliances. I made this little house a gem, and the stupid bank ruined my whole dream in one phone call. UGH!

We have continued looking for other houses, but I am completely discouraged now. I feel like there will always be something in the way. I was told not to fall in love with a house because we just started this process and it will be a hard road with a lot of bumps. blah. blah. blah. too late. I ready to say screw the houses, find me a 3 bed apt and just keep paying rent that would be double a mortgage. >=/

Pity Party of One?   Um yes please.


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