Random Facts #1

Recently I read, on my absolute fav blog, that if you want people to read your blog, you have to be real. Well, I don’t think many people read this.. at.. all & this makes me very sad. So in efforts to be real and raw, we are going to do try some posts with random facts about us. Ya know, the kind of things you try not to tell people, like singing obnoxiously loud in the car pretending you are in your own music video.. or dancing randomly throughout the house when no one is home. Having full conversations with your dog, or yourself (which ever you prefer).

We will start with weird things we eat.. This will mostly be about me I guess.. Jess is pretty  normal in the food department. In my defense, I am allergic to most fruits & vegetables. I dont eat salads or anything that goes in the salad, well except the meat, cheese, & dressing. 😉 Terrible I know. I eat green beans, corn, & potatoes, but lets be honest.. if it comes out of can, it probably isnt healthy anyways. While I like some fruits, I cant eat them because it makes my mouth & throat swell, while causing ulcer-like bumps that hurt like hell for days. That being said, sometimes I cant resist frozen grapes (yes i put them in the freezer which makes bite-size popcicle grapes. YUM!) & will suffer through the pain.

So here’s a list of weirdness..

– Let’s start with my lunch today, which inspired this post.. Hot Dog Salad. Much like a chili cheese dog, except I cut it up and mix it up. I put corn on top and crush a few plain chips on top, I am not really sure why except thats how my momma made it. 🙂

Continue with list, I eat…

  •  mustard in my grits (with eggs of course)
  •  mayo on my cornbread
  •  mayo on my crackers for vegetable soup
  • bbq sauce in my corn
  • ranch dressing on spaghetti (I dont eat it often, but I like it.)
  • honey on fried chicken
  • strawberry jelly on hashrowns

When I was younger, my mom made peanut butter, mayo, & sugar sandwichs. Wow thats digusting, but it tasted good.

Just FYI, My Aunt puts mayo in her mashed potatoes.

Even I think the stuff I eat is weird, but as I recalled these things, I remembered watching someone else do it, which I why I tried it. So I guess I know at least one other person who does these same things.

For fun, but not weird.. I LOVE CAKE BATTER & BROWNIE BATTER… more than the actual cake or brownie. 🙂

Jess cant think of anything weird she likes, so we may have to continue hers another day.

Have a Great Day!



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4 Responses to Random Facts #1

  1. stephanie says:

    I put mayo in my potatoes too. It makes them creamier and gives them a punch of flavor! Mayo on crackers, though….you can keep that one, girl! LOL

  2. Shell says:

    I think I might have to try that! I always put sour cream in them but they get sorta thick!

  3. Kathy says:

    Aunt who Aunt who I love the shout out but can you say Aunt Kathy next time…Love You!

  4. Mom says:

    Well I finally got around to reading this blog. I remember us talking about it. Yes, we might be wierd in the foods that we eat, but its some DAMN GOOD EATING..

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