9.11 Never Forgotten.

I know its been a while since I’ve posted and there’s so much to catch up on: starting my program, moving to our new apt only to have to move again (say what?!), so so much more. I think about needing to blog everyday and I check my most-read blogs EVERYDAY… sometimes twice a day 😉 But today is not the day to catch up on us…

Today, we remember the tragedy in our country 10 years ago today. We remember those who lost their lives, those who gave their lives, and all the families that carry the burden of worry and loss. We are thankful for those who are willing to put on that uniform and fight for strangers and lay down their lives. 9.11 always puts life in perspective for me, and reminds me that my problems are quite trivial in comparison for which I am truly thankful.

In 2010, I posted this 9.11 blog and remembered all this sadness of that day. Every year, I watch the coverage again on YouTube, with all the music tributes, and every year it makes me cry again. I watch it because its hard and its sucks.. and sometimes that’s the only way to really be reminded. We may talk about 9.11 day to day in a casual conversation, but nothing brings back that day like seeing the planes and towers collapsing. All the smoke and ash. And those fire fighters… ahh that gets me every time I see it. God Bless them.

Today, when I finally woke up (slept late because I have been getting up at 6am everyday for last few days!!) I turned on tv to find the coverage. All that is on is the revealing of the memorial, which is beautiful. I love how the memorial was built downward instead of upward. I read somewhere that  in the aftermath when everything was settled, the ground almost seemed as if it was sunk in.. that it was very eerie at Ground Zero and seemed always quiet. So it seems fitting that they would build it the way they did. The waterfalls are so beautiful and peaceful.

9.11 Memorial at Ground Zero

USA - Ariel view of Ground Zero

Cross at Ground Zero


Boston Memorial (where the planes were hijacked from)

What the Future Holds for Ground Zero

God Bless America.


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