“Uhh, where are the apartment keys?!?”

So lets start from the beginning…

Since we have moved closer to work (5 min away!) Jess takes my car to school 45 min away because my car get better gas mileage than her mustang. So I have been driving the mustang to and from work.. which I love cuz it makes me feel all hot driving her sports car 😉 Anyways, when I go to school.. an hour in the other direction and on the interstate.. I feel better in my own car.

So yesterday.. Jess accidently takes my car to school.. I meet up with her to switch cars and on the way back home.. I started having this overwhelming feeling of not wanting to go to school. (Looking back, this was totally a sign.) Which is weird, because I do not skip school. Especially now since I only go one night a week. I told Jess (she was kind of annoyed cause we had just drove 20 min to meet each other.. oops!) and she finally agreed that I should stay home and do school work. 🙂 We have this weird of making sure, the other doesnt care if we skip.. kinda like when you were little and “played sick” to stay home from school.. you wanted your mom to be ok with it. Weird I know..

Unfortunately, my teacher sent out an email stating he was giving us a take home mid-term.. so I had to go to school to get it. UGH. Fortunately, Jess agreed to go with me and keep me company on that long ride 😉

We live in the middle of nowhere, so anytime we go into “the city”… we try to take advantage of it and catch up on some shopping. I needed new work shoes, so we hit up shoe/sports store. We went to class, where I only had to stay about an hour, and were on our way back home. Fast forward an hour drive… we were walking up to the apt (around 11pm I should add), loaded down with laptops, books, shoes, and My Vera.. of course… When Jess dangles the keys in the air and says “Uhh, where are the apt keys?!?” Everything inside of me just said  &%#@.

We start tearing everything apart.. my purse, the car, the bags.. nothing. We call the apt answering service for someone to let us in.. and guess what …. THEY DONT OFFER A LOCKOUT SERVICE. Of course they dont, why would they offer this service when they have maintence people living on site? Why would they want their tennents standing outside in the dark, alone? That was silly of me to ask I guess.

You know what else this middle of nowhere town does not have… a 24 hour locksmith. Great.

The apartments we live in… many of the people we work with live in too. So we called everyone to help us… but they couldn’t… because really, who can break into a deadbolt. *sigh* But every one of them offered us a place to crash. Why didnt we take their offers you ask.. Well because our furbabies were in their crates.. and that would be 16-17 hours without a potty break. And I cant bare the thought of that…

And of course they asked us… “Is there a window unlocked??” Umm, yes. We do leave a windows unlocked, because we are two females in an apt, and we know that no one would ever break in. And being lesbians doesnt make us an easy target for danger… NO THE WINDOWS ARE SHUT TIGHT & LOCKED! But thanks! 😉

We even called the non-emergency 911 number.. and the dispatcher was appalled that maintence wouldnt let us in. She sent a deputy out, but all he could really do was keep us company & safe. The man was young and possibly very new… I am not sure if he could really use his gun 😉 A young Barney Fife, if you will.

The closest 24 hour locksmith was an hour away.. and after I assured him that if he drove all the way out to our apt, that we would pay him.. the $160 fee. Which isnt bad to us, because we’re from Atlanta.. and I once paid $125 for a locksmith to unlock my car.. and he was only 3 miles down the road. Anyways, locksmith was on the way,  and the deputy left after we walked to a friend’s (Jess’ manager, actually) apt.

And hour and half, later the locksmith arrives. A 70 year old man. Yep.. 70 years old. He told us. The deputy was also driving back by to check on us, and stayed until we were in (which was going above and beyond if you ask me). So the very nice old man, who did not seem to be aware of our nieghbor,s as he banged and clinged and drops keys on the ground when they didnt work. He informs us there is no getting into this door.. so he tries the patio door. Picture it… porch railing much higher than a normal rail, that even my athletic girlfriend had a hardtime climbing over… somehow he managed to stumble over it without breaking anything.. YAY! 🙂 hahaha.

Within 5 minutes, he had the lock picked. And we were in. Thank God, and the nice old man, and the deputy. We paid the man, and he and the deputy stood outside for at least 20 minutes, discussing all tools and equipment he had. 🙂

Our babies were ecstatic… and Tee-Tee’d for a long, long time.

If you made it this far, you deserve some pics! Unfortunately, it did not occur to me to take pics of our frustration last night… sorry! *Note to self… must take more pictures for blogging purposes!*

On the way to class..

Leaving the shoe store, possibly where the apt keys are =/

Jess bought Halloween costumes yesterday… here’s a sneak peak!

Mango-pango.... The Fireman!

Kiwi-girl .... The Ladybug!

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3 Responses to “Uhh, where are the apartment keys?!?”

  1. brandon says:

    Wow sounds like a fun night……… well maybe not so fun 🙂 Glad yall got in ok.

  2. Mom says:

    So sorry to hear about last night. but you tell it, in such a funny way. Maybe you should have been a writer. But I am so proud to know that you two are GREAT MOMMIES !!! Most people would have said WTF and went and slept somewhere else. Just knowing the love that the two of you have for your fur babies, I know that somehow, somewhere, someway YALL will be BLESSED with REAL BABIES someday…. love you both,

  3. awwe sorry you had such a bad night. But sometimes you have to do what you need to for your fur-babies, me and my GF have one as well….so I know. I love the costumes they are so cute

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