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NYE- 2011

Jess and I are pretty low key when it comes to celebrating. We enjoy quiet evenings at home and like to avoid the craziness of it all. I wasnt feeling very well new years eve and had someone cover my … Continue reading

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Christmas 2011

 We had a wonderful Christmas. On Christmas eve, we closed so we didnt get off work until 8pm. Well, I got off at 8, Jess got off at 7. It was a Saturday night so I had extra stuff to … Continue reading

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Banks suck.

Ugh. Our bank charged us another $17 fee this month, just like last month. Yes, I should have called before but I just dont have the time. Well, this morning I made the time. Basically, they changed their account types & … Continue reading

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Christmas Wishlist

This year, Jess and I are not exchanging gifts. I know I know its sad.. thats what we keep hearing. But, really.. we dont need or want anything. Well… I need a lot of stuff for nursing school.. so we … Continue reading

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A few of my favorite things! ~Christmas~

I can’t believe Christmas is just around the corner. And shortly after that I will be starting nursing school (WARNING: You may get sick of hearing about nursing school.. BUT I don’t care, I worked very, very, VERY hard to … Continue reading

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Nursing Orientation Pt 1 & 2

Today, was my second orientation for the nursing program. I closed last night and got in bed around 2am?? … then I got up at 530am and drove an hour and half. The meeting didn’t start to 9am but I was … Continue reading

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