Banks suck.

Ugh. Our bank charged us another $17 fee this month, just like last month. Yes, I should have called before but I just dont have the time. Well, this morning I made the time. Basically, they changed their account types & if we dont keep at least $3000/month in our account they charge a fee. Seriously?! They claim they sent out letters to explain the upcoming changes, but of course, I never got one.

So let me get this straight, other banks were very public about their $5 debit card fee, and you all proudly hung signs stating you wouldnt be charging a debit card fee, but then secretively change your account so that you can charge higher fees?!”

“uh uh uh.. Ms. (insert last name here) let me see what we can do to help you.”

Thats how the conversation went this morning. The first man kindly refunded my fee for December, but had to transfer me to another dept for November. And that man was extra rude, stating he didnt know why the first man even refunded it for me, since I was clearly notified.

And me being the hot head that I am said “Ya know what?!? Dont refund it. I will close both accounts on Monday.”

Thats exactly what I planned to do on Monday. Until I realized what a hassle that would be. Spend time closing one account, then opening another, then setting up our direct deposits for work (which we are required to have =/), waiting for debit cards to arrive, blah blah blah. In the end, it’s just not worth it.

So the bank wins. Of course now it looks like an empty threat, which I hate more than anything. >=/

Nothing I can do now, without causing me more headache and stress.


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